What You Can Expect from our Client Education in 2024


December 11, 2023

Rashaad Bajwa and Leadership Development in ITUndoubtedly, 2023 has been a growth year for Integris, filled with new staff, locations, and services. Yet, one of our most significant growth areas is one you might not expect:  client education. This past year, we’ve expanded our tech trainings exponentially—offering client events at all our locations, in addition to our monthly online webinars and dozens of thought leadership blogs.


You can expect to see more client education from us in 2024. Why? Because revolutionary tech transformation is upon us, and users can barely keep up with the capabilities of the tools they’re already using. Our vendors are keen to teach customers how to transform their businesses with tech, and we stand ready to help them.

More Training Opportunities Than Ever Are Coming in 2024


Integris is going big on client education events and content in 2024. We’re planning a year-long cybersecurity road show and tactical online training that will help your end-users get more out of their productivity platforms. Stay tuned to your inbox as more of those invites go out.


Please stay on the lookout, too, for our “Integris Year in Review,” which should be sent out in January specifically to existing Integris clients. In it, we’ll preview some of the transformational changes coming because of your feedback in our Integris client council. These changes will take the level of service and consulting we offer up a notch. I can’t wait to share it!


While our client education program continues to develop, the year’s end seemed a good time to offer you recorded replays of all the client webinar resources we’ve provided in 2023 and to thank you for your continued confidence in us. An exciting road awaits in 2024 as we work to grow—together.

Catching Phish
Catching Phish: A Social Engineering Attack Guide

Cyber thieves are getting more sophisticated, and so are the very convincing lures they use to get your users to click. Our vCISO team discusses the latest tricks, tools, training, and policies you can use to thwart them.


Protecting Microsoft 365 in the Remote Workplace
Protecting Microsoft 365 and the Remote Workforce

Do you have the right security bumpers around your cloud productivity suites? Integris’ Jay Brackman teams up with Eddie Campbell of Ingram Micro to discuss protecting your remote workforce.


Spend smarter
Spend Smarter:  A Microsoft 365 Licensing Guide

Eddie Campbell of Ingram Micro and Jay Brackman of Integris have teamed up again to discuss how to shop smart for your Microsoft 365 licenses, and how to manage the new tools now available.


Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams:  The Productivity Swiss Army Knife

Jay Brackman teams up with Patrick Malone, Ingram Micro’s resident expert on Microsoft Teams, to discuss the tools and productivity hacks hiding in one of Microsoft’s most popular productivity tools.


The Importance of Information Security
The Importance of Information Security

Darrin Maggy of the Integris vCISO team talks about the ins and outs of cybersecurity governance, from cybersecurity policy, to monitoring, KPIs, reporting, and more.


Foundational IT Best Practices
A No-Nonsense Guide to Foundational IT Best Practices

Anthony DeGraw, Integris Chief Revenue Officer, and Kris Laskarzewski, Chief Product Officer, talk about foundational cybersecurity principles, and how the products you buy and the procedures you write complete that picture.


CMMC Webinar: Understanding CMMC Levels & NIST for Businesses

Join Merleta Mohr, Integris vCISO, as she discusses the finer points of what manufacturers must do to meet the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).


Whiskey, Chocolate, and Cybersecurity Experience

In this webinar, ConnectWise joins us for a fun learning experience with Anthony DeGraw. They discuss SIEM and some of the top tools to upgrade your cybersecurity. The replay doesn’t include whiskey or chocolate, but we promise you’ll learn a lot!

Rashaad is the Founder & CEO of Integris. In 1997, he founded Domain, an organization that merged with partners to become Integris in 2021. In his role, Rashaad has driven the vision and growth of Integris into the national IT provider it is today.

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