IT Apprenticeship

Develop and grow at Integris.

Integris invites students to explore our paid apprenticeship program.

Learn through real IT work

Our apprenticeship is not a “just get the coffee” type program. You will be learning about IT – engaging both hard and soft skills – by engaging in real work, in a way you simply cannot in the classroom.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we offer you a great way to explore different clients, industries, technologies, and projects in one organization.

If you’re doing work, you deserve to be paid. End of story. The price of education continues to rise, and young people entering the workforce are increasingly burdened by student debt.

We take special interest in and reach out to students in two-year college programs, whose resumes are often overlooked by other organizations.

Integris Apprenticeships

We are currently not accepting applications as we bring our program across multiple locations! Please check back later.