Adel Strauss

Vice President, Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing at Integris, Adel knows well what it’s like to keep several plates spinning at once. In a year, her team could be managing dozens of local and digital events, interacting with thousands of visitors on their website, developing continual streams of social media, podcasts, and high-value content, and much more.

Managing the image of a growing MSP like Integris is a big job, but one she’s glad to be doing.

“My role is about creating interest around our brand and bringing in opportunities. There’s no doubt about that,” Adel said. “But it’s about so much more than that. What my team does helps to create a cohesive message and culture for Integris. We provide enormous amounts of educational content, so our customers can see their IT strategically, like we do. And of course, we play a pivotal role in our vendor relationships, ensuring that we’re taking every opportunity to co-brand, and leverage their expertise. There’s a lot to do, but it’s fun, too.”

Adel has been with Integris, and on Rashaad’s management team, since its early days. She began as marketing manager in 2016 with Domain Computer Services, in Cranbury, NJ. When the company merged with other MSPs to become Integris, she stayed, becoming the Vice President of Marketing, and assembling her own team of experts from the collected expertise of all the merged companies.

“We’ve been able to bring in content specialists, and social media experts, and project management expertise from all our acquired companies, and get them working for us in marketing. It’s a blended approach,” Adel said. “Yet, it’s been a dream team scenario, because most of our marketing staff has deep experience working in the IT industry in general, and with the MSP space, specifically. It’s put us one step ahead, definitely.”

That blended approach comes, in part, from her wide-ranging education and work experience. Adel has a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design, Philosophy, Theology and Biblical Languages from Concordia University Chicago, and has built her experience through social work, launching a coffeeshop, and working with an architecture firm.

Adel is looking forward to building up the tools, relationships and reporting structures to take Integris and its marketing operation to the next level. Connect with her on LinkedIn.