John Marinac

Chief Technology Officer

John sets the technology direction for Integris, and the technology underpinning our products. He handles that job for Integris, and as a result, touches all our clients’ business. His careful stewardship of our cloud, data center, networks, and systems ensure that our clients have the security, redundancy, and business availability they need. He keeps us connected with industry-leading technology and plans our strategic IT investments as the company rapidly expands. He’s skilled in rapid integrations—a skill he’s been putting to use as his team works to bring aboard newly acquired employees and systems.

John understands systems from the ground up, starting in IT in 1997 building PCs. He joined Compudyne, an Integris legacy acquisition, in its early days, working his way up to CEO there. With John at the helm, Compudyne grew exponentially, up to five locations before its merger into Integris.

While Integris works with many vendors, it’s our core systems that are the foundation for all we do. While his most important job may be keeping those systems running, it’s the strategic planning that impacts how well, and how fast, our company can grow.

“Solid systems are the foundations for what we do, but our dynamic acquisition strategy gives us new stresses, and new opportunities, too.” John said. “Every time we bring on a new company, it’s an opportunity to evaluate. What are they doing better, that we can incorporate? How can we merge them into our systems, and bring up their operations to match our level? Together, we continue to improve, day by day. It’s an exciting and challenging building process,” he added.

John works in Integris’ Duluth, Minnesota offices, and leads our Centralized Services Team. When he’s not working, he keeps busy with his three school age children.