Kris Laskarzewski

Chief Product Officer

Kris is the man behind Integris’ products. He drives product vision, innovation, and design with the ultimate goal to build and deliver the best possible value and experience for our customers. Put simply, he makes sure we have premium, best-in-class products that work for our clients, now, and as their technology needs grow.

Just as important, he’s creating cross-department collaboration around our products, from engineering and cybersecurity, to customer service, to marketing. Our strategic operations team, vCISOs and vCIOs, look to him for guidance, coaching, accountability, and process.

Kris has worked with our leadership here for more than a decade, starting as a Systems Engineer when the company was still known as Domain Computer Services. He quickly moved up the system, eventually taking a role of Managing Director for one of our largest markets – New Jersey and New York. Now, he’s putting his brand of big-picture thinking to work for the company at large, always looking to “what’s next” for Integris product as our company expands across the country.

“The technology changes constantly, but some things should always remain the same: the value we create for our customers, our quality of service and the experience that comes with that,” Kris said. “It’s my mission to make sure that Integris’ Managed IT Services empower our clients in the marketplace and give them peace of mind, so they can focus on running business. I’m always on the lookout for the latest best industry practices and evaluating their fit for our clients. It’s my job to put together future focused, high performing solutions our clients can build their business on. It’s not always easy, but our team is working to own that, every single day.”

Kris holds a Master’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Bialystok University of Technology.