Backup and Disaster Recovery


March 5, 2019

Don’t wait for a disaster to happen, be prepared.

The term data refers to a diverse array of information which is etched into the fabric of a business. Every marginal move a business makes utilizes some form of data. It’s evident that data plays a pivotal role in maintaining the vitality of a business; however, many don’t follow the proper steps in its safe keeping. Every organization across the globe is susceptible to data loss. Whether it be through hardware failure, software failure, malicious attacks, or even accidental clicks, the potentiality for mishandled data is giant. Due to the ubiquitous yet delicate nature of data, it’s frequently mismanaged and naturally prone to alterations and errors. However, the true blunder is not with the actual loss of data, but with employing the wrong procedures in its recovery.

How Recovery Works

Backup and Disaster Recovery is the foundation of data protection. Essentially, what this process entails is the creation and storage of data replicated at particular timestamps. This process then utilizes these registered packets of information, commonly referred to as backups, to restore data to that respective point in time — re-establishing an error-free connection and consequently patching any damage. In order to provide optimal efficiency, backups are performed regularly to stay prepared in the case of a data breach.

Another fundamental feature of a secure backup is storage location. The location at which a businesses’ backup is stored has a significant impact on the reliability of the backup. Storing backups at the same location as the primary data can be fatal to any recovery files in the face of a data breach. Multiple backups at distinct locations provide the utmost security and proficiency.

SkyKick Backup Software

At Integris, we push for the leading approach to data backup. Our IT experts have examined client requirements and determined an approach which offers the greatest efficiency. With SkyKick, Integris provides a cloud-based backup software built on storage snapshots. In contrast to the traditional streaming approach, this aims to provide higher performance with lower workloads.

With the modern technologies at play, a low retention period allows for multiple backups per day — including full restores of complete site architectures with detailed imprints of even the most granular data. What’s more, SkyKick uses the industry leading data encryption technologies providing clients with up to 256-bit encryption. The baffling number produced by this yields incredible data encryption and security.

Importance of a Backup Solution

Having a reliable backup solution,in place for your business is an integral part of maintaining control through any potential calamity. Softwares such as Office 365, although protecting your site and hardware, are often misconstrued as data backup solutions. In the face of an outage, Office 365 sustains an environment in which users can stay productive; however, under-the-hood, the data is left unguarded.

What occurs is a transfer of data between the primary environment to a failover. In the midst of this transfer, a security software, such as SkyKick, is required for data protection — particularly encrypting, storing, and structuring your data in the face of any deletion or security threats. Having a backup solution in place thus provides a fortified and direct recovery procedure in place of a physical or virtual disaster. Backup and Disaster Recovery is a crucial part of business management. Let Integris get you set up!

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Tyler Daniels is a Senior Marketing Specialist with Integris.

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