Common traps in risk management


October 12, 2012

Risk management and security have been major concerns for all companies.  Business leaders heavily invest in security risk management, which aims to remove guesswork and ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently. On average, companies spend millions on security experts and solutions. However, in the process, they also make a number of mistakes. In this article, we will be telling you about some of those common traps in risk management that make organizations vulnerable to threats.

The first mistake that organizations make in risk management is to change their entire systems instead of targeting the shortfalls. Whenever there is a problem, the officials would simply switch to a new risk management system or drastically change the current one. This is more costly and time consuming than troubleshooting problems. The second mistake that organizations make in their risk management is to replicate the audit department. An efficient risk management system should focus on potential frequency and the impact of risks, not the possible breakdowns only.

Another common mistake in risk management is overemphasizing the risk register. A risk register, which is actually a list of all possible risks, might not be much help. Most of the time people get bogged down with threats that are obsolete and a complete waste of time and resources. Business leaders are always advised to create a risk register that reflects only the probable real-world risks.

A similar problem that organizations face with risk management is using undefined risk concepts. As experts rely on an undefined scale to evaluate risks, it becomes difficult for them to identify the biggest risk and prepare for it.

Not using a risk intelligence program is also a big mistake. Without a risk intelligence program, it becomes quite difficult to identify and prevent risks. In addition, multiplying ordinals in assessing risks is a big mistake in risk management. When people multiply ordinals, they only focus on the ranking of a threat but not the probability of attacks.

These are some of common mistakes in risk management that you should try to avoid if you want your business to succeed.


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