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Journey to the Financial Institution Division

How the merger of Integris and CalTech created a national powerhouse IT provider, just for community financial institutions.

The Integris company experience in financial institutions is decades long and nearly 200 dedicated employees deep, all thanks to the merger of Integris and CalTech in 2022.

By merging, Integris is now able to offer CalTech’s specialized expertise in financial institutions, combined with the national network of local service offices that Integris offers. Together, they became the Integris Financial Institution Division (Integris FID).

About CalTech

CalTech began in 1988 in San Angelo, Texas, as a regional IT company. Soon, the company began providing IT services for community banks and credit unions that had major operational IT needs and a significant compliance load. One referral led to another until the company had amassed a solid industry reputation for understanding the technology needs of community financial institutions. The company grew through the merger of CalTech and Outback Computer, which allowed Will Welch and Brent McCasland, Outback co-founders, to fold the company into CalTech.

Over the years, the company grew, amassing more banking industry clients across the US as it built its reputation for exceptional customer service, cybersecurity expertise, private cloud hosting, and IT consulting. Clients looked to CalTech to provide the sort of strategic IT infrastructure planning that made their institutions safer, more productive, and more nimble.

It didn’t go without notice. The company earned several awards for “best place to work” in Texas, while it added new product lines, and continued to grow offices in Tyler, Austin, and Houston, as well as Kansas City. CalTech continued to grow, often by double-digit percentages year over year, servicing bank customers across the nation.

Joining Integris

With 11 offices at the time they joined forces, Integris and CalTech together created a nearly coast-to-coast company 650-strong. The merger allowed the former CalTech team to focus completely on the financial institution sector, while adding the additional support of Integris’ national service call center, on-site technicians, and network of virtual CISSP-certified virtual Chief Information Security Officers.

This allows our former CalTech team to maintain a laser focus on community financial institutions—and the compliance, reporting, and security issues unique to their IT operations. It also allows us to expand our product offering to banks/credit unions with vCISO services, and much more.

Now that CalTech’s team is officially part of Integris, we believe we can offer banking-specific IT services that are truly unparalleled in the industry. Don’t you deserve an IT partner that knows tech for financial institutions, inside and out? We’d love to show you more about what Integris can do for you.To find out more about the company’s product line, people, and thought leadership, visit our overarching FID page.

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