Managed IT Services for Financial Institutions

IT Managed Services for Financial Institutions

Your technology is the key to delivering exceptional customer service at your Financial Institution. Hire an MSP partner that can help take you there.

Community Financial Institutions have a unique, local value proposition to offer their customers. What more could you offer your customers, if you had enterprise-grade productivity tools, cybersecurity protections, and strategic IT leadership to back it all up?  

At Integris Financial Institution Division (Integris FID), we’ve built a large, national team of IT engineers dedicated exclusively to working with financial institutions. Integris FID’s job is to help banks and credit unions build and maintain an exceptional IT infrastructure that’s aligned with your business goals. Our well-curated support systems and processes ensure we can deliver those services in a scalable, predictable monthly package you can depend on.  

Whether it’s supplemental support for internal IT staff or fully outsourced IT management, the package of tools you receive are tailored to your specific needs. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing your IT systems will run optimally, with an eye towards the planning, strategy and policy that can take your financial institution to the next level. Integris FID has helped hundreds of community financial institutions build a technology infrastructure to grow on. We can do it for you, too.   

Our managed services plan will help you: 

Achieve Operational Maturity…

 that anticipates your compliance and productivity needs.  

Integris FID helps you with your planning, budgeting, and tool selection, so you’re always one step ahead of your goals. With smoothly running systems, you’ll realize fewer problems and unforeseen challenges, which, over time, translates to lower IT costs, better network stability, and less downtime. 

Improve Your Productivity…  

with state-of-the art tools, managed, patched, and monitored. Come to us for network and cloud-based infrastructure planning that will harden your cybersecurity stance and improve your network speeds and build an iron-clad disaster recovery system. 

Develop Performance and Compliance-based KPIs… 

 that move your infrastructure forward and prove your progress to key stakeholders. 

 Our deep expertise working with financial institutions informs our approach. We understand how to focus your infrastructure spending, develop proper tracking, and create reports that are meaningful to your board of directors, regulators, and cyber risk insurers. 

Provide Expert Support for your Staff and Your Systems, 24 x 7… 

 so you can rest assured your systems are running safely, and requests are handled—fast. 

 Our team is “always on,” managing patching, service requests, and monitoring of your systems. In the event of an emergency or outage, we ensure your backup systems perform as promised. And when your users have questions or issues, our expert team is always on call—including emergency onsite services. And best of all, all our clients are assigned a vCIO to manage your account. You’ll always have expert guidance, at the ready. 

What You Can Expect with Managed Service+

Network administration, troubleshooting, and maintenance uniquely tailored for financial institutions 

Dynamic, scalable team to supplement internal IT staff or function as fully outsourced IT support

US-based, roundtheclock tiered service, from simple, user helpdesk requests to infrastructure support 

Advisors who prepare reports for your financial institution’s technology committee meetings, and play a key part in your strategic planning 

Strategic yearly reviews and IT infrastructure plans and budgets, aligned with your goals, as well as your current and emerging compliance burdens 

On-demand, CIO-level guidance to inform your decision making 

Microsoft patch management validation and testing

Collaborative support and review of third-party technology software, solutions, and applications 

System reports and statistics, available through your customer portal, and generated into customized reports for senior management 

Sourcing and guidance for project proposals 

Comprehensive cybersecurity management to complement your network support

It takes a village these days for a community financial institution to stay secure and cyber aware. The perfect complement to our Managed Service+ and Supplemental Managed Service+ is OneDefense – our comprehensive cybersecurity package for financial institutions. OneDefense is a dynamic, proactive approach to help your institution stay ahead of cybersecurity threats. Let our cybersecurity experts augment your IT operation, at a scale that works for you.

Technology Consulting Integris Computer Services
Technology Consulting Domain Computer Services

vCISO-driven compliance services available on call 

Does your financial institution need help with its security program? Whether you need someone to do the heavy lifting or extra help for your internal ISO, our vCISOs (virtual Chief Information Security Officers) can help. Our vCISO service provides you with reporting, policy development, third party vendor verification, cybersecurity policy creation, cybersecurity planning and budgeting, and so much more. Integris FID vCISO is offered as a stand-alone service or as a complement to our Managed Servcie+. Let our CISSP-certified team of cybersecurity experts augment your IT security program at a scale that works for you. 

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Infrastructure?