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Integris provides cybersecurity services to Plano businesses

Protect your entire infrastructure from online threats, viruses, and ransomware with our proven cybersecurity in Plano, Texas. Why choose Integris for cybersecurity in Plano?

  • Fortify your business with proven security strategies from a company with over 30 years of IT experience.
  • Stop potentially costly attacks with 24/7 monitoring from one of the top Plano IT security companies.
  • Protect your critical data with automatic backups and disaster recovery planning, off-site storage, and more.
  • Ensure compliance and pass FDIC and HIPAA audits with a top cybersecurity and consulting services company.
  • Equip your employees with ongoing security awareness training from an experienced security firm in Plano, TX.

Secure your data with strategies from one of the only Plano cybersecurity companies to receive the AAA Cyber Verify Risk Assurance Rating.

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Features of our cybersecurity in Plano

Managed security solutions

Benefit from complete cybersecurity in Plano for your entire infrastructure with security strategies.

Security audits

Ensure your systems are well protected by counting on one of the leading cybersecurity firms in Plano for quarterly internal/external vulnerability assessments.

Cloud security

Protect your public or private cloud environment from being accessed by unwanted personnel. We’ll ensure your data is secure from deletion, theft, and other security threats.

Security architecture design

Fortify your business against viruses, ransomware, and thieves with a dedicated Incident Response Program and policy and procedures guidance.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training​

We lead other cybersecurity firms in Plano by ensuring employees have the tools they need to identify threats to your business.

Network Security

Secure your network with proven security strategies from a leading Plano cybersecurity company. Mitigate your risk of data loss and corruption with a cybersecurity company that will protect your business.

Intrusion detection

Identify threats before they have time to impact your business with our proven cybersecurity in Plano. We’re able to identify and address malicious activity and policy violations in real-time.

Network security architecture​

As one of the leading cybersecurity firms in Plano, you can count on us to ensure there are never any vulnerabilities that could lead to a devastating security breach.

A Plano cybersecurity company that will protect your business

For over 15 years, Integris has been one of the best Plano cybersecurity firms offering unmatched security to businesses like yours. Our proven information security methods will secure your infrastructure, data, and applications from serious breaches.


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Cybersecurity support services in Plano, Texas

15+ years

As one of the top cybersecurity firms in Plano, TX

Don’t leave your infrastructure unmonitored and unsecured

Secure your IT by partnering with one of the top cybersecurity companies in Plano.

Complete protection from a single vendor

Benefit from our comprehensive security system with proven methods to reduce your risk of data loss or corruption, receive fewer audit findings, and protect your infrastructure from a costly data breach.

In addition to our managed IT services, our complete security strategies include:

  • Real-time threat identification and alerts (SIEM)
  • Incident response program management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security awareness training
  • Routine anti-phishing testing
  • Penetration testing
  • And more

Ensure your entire IT stack is secure when you partner with one of the leading cybersecurity companies in Plano.

Fortify your business against cyberattacks with one of the leading Plano cybersecurity companies

As data breaches, ransomware, and malicious attacks continue to rise, you must partner with a security firm that will do everything to protect your business.

Our technology solutions will guarantee there’s a plan in place that prepares your business for the unknown.

In the event of lost or corrupt data due to ransomware, natural disaster, service outages, or other cyberthreats, know that your systems can be easily restored.

Security framework that supports your business

When you partner with one of the leading cybersecurity companies in Plano, you don’t get a one-time implementation; we offer ongoing services to ensure you’re well protected.

We’ll routinely assess your entire infrastructure and create a scorecard based on your weaknesses and prevalent threats.

Our strategies will continue to evolve, ensuring you’re getting the best protection against the most serious threats.

Partner with Integris, a leading security, support, and IT consulting firm, to ensure your entire system is secure and your business is protected.

Get peace of mind with one of the top cyber security companies in Plano

Although cyber crimes are at an all-time high, don’t spend your days fretting. Our services include 24/7 monitoring and real-time alerts that allow us to identify and address threats before they impact business.

As one of the most experienced Plano cybersecurity firms, we’ll protect your entire infrastructure so you can concentrate on running your business.