ProviDyn Conducts Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training for TEA Group


March 2, 2018

Atlanta, Georgia – February 27, 2018 – Integris®, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, recently conducted Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training for about 60 members of Tax Exempt Association Group (“TEA Group”). TEA Group is a monthly networking group formed by Jones and Kolb, and coordinated with the Georgia Society of Association Executives (GSAE) and the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN), that facilitates the discussion of accounting, tax and managerial issues faced by financial and administrative staff of local nonprofits. Originally formed in 1993, participants at TEA Group events discuss a variety of topics submitted directly by members, providing attendees with valuable information that they can immediately implement in – and apply to – their organizations.

Solution Advisor, Jed Fearon delivered 60 minutes of highly interactive training which focused on the human variable in lowering cyber risk. As he puts it, “With over 95% of data breaches caused by human error, I think it’s important for people to understand what to look for, how to respond and most importantly, how to engage with in-house IT or their managed services provider before it’s too late. Trying to learn a lot of confusing and constantly changing technology is futile for the average person. Plus, no matter how much organizations invest in next generation security solutions, the bad guys are always going to get in. The key is being able to detect and respond to threats before they become major liabilities.”

Jed shared the presentation stage with Jones and Kolb CPA/Shareholders Bliss Jones and Colin Blalock along with Network Engineer Jason Mullikin. Each participant asked great questions, cited humorous anecdotal examples and specifically mentioned a few brand name security tools that are working well in their IT environment.

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Jed is a Solution Advisor at Integris who has specialized in MSP solution development, sales, and marketing communications since 2003.

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