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A No-Nonsense Approach to Foundational IT Best Practices

Learn more about the foundational IT best practices that can improve business outcomes with our free webinar recording.

What is Responsible IT Architecture and who needs it?

Join Integris on Wednesday, February 1, as we delve into the foundational IT best practices that can improve business outcomes.

This webinar is a no-nonsense crash course in foundational IT best practices to help you:

  • Scale your business without technology hiccups
  • Improve team morale and work-flow efficiency
  • Lower cybersecurity and compliance risk
  • Reduce insurance liability

Our distinguished panelists will decode confusing technical jargon, giving attendees a blueprint to master eight evergreen business initiatives:

  • Strengthening identity access management around the clock
  • Implementing durable protection to block network incursions
  • Systematizing continuous security updates
  • Improving outage resilience and preventing data loss
  • Automatically course-correcting user errors as they happen
  • Protecting user devices with behavior-based rules and alerts
  • Limiting user access to IT systems based on job role
  • Staying ahead of the technology life cycle

Get proven and responsible best practices you can implement immediately.


Kris Laskarzewski

Chief Product Officer

Anthony DeGraw

Chief Revenue Officer