Spam Filter for Email

Real-time defense for your organization with anti-spam filters for email.

Protect your business with a comprehensive, cloud-based email security solution that provides real-time defense against cyber threats, data loss, and regulatory violations.

A multi-layered approach to stop spam, phishing, and malicious emails

Our real-time inbound and outbound protection, combined with expert human analysis, precisely identifies and stops phishing and other advanced persistent threat attacks. With Integris’ Spam Filter, your business and its data are safe from even the most sophisticated email-based threats.


How realtime spam filters for email work

1. Before reaching a recipient’s inbox, inbound emails pass through next-generation artificial intelligence spam filters and multiple antivirus engines that detect unusual behavior patterns.

2. Next, analysts review emails for threat cues. Hackers are always creating new ways to infiltrate, so it takes an individual to determine if a message is legitimate, or an adversary attack.

3. When a threat is identified, our cybersecurity analysts immediately create and synchronize threat protection rules. On average, 200 new rules are created each day to stop emerging threats and nearly 30,000 rules are active at any given time.

A spam filter with expert email analysis

Our spam filter technology monitors unique email characteristics that identify spam, dangerous content, and phishing schemes with unrivaled accuracy. Suspicious campaigns are quarantined until a rule can be made to block that piece of spam permanently.

Adaptive threat detection

Using greylisting and merit-based reputation analysis of IP addresses, senders, and recipients, our spam filter technology defends against network-based attacks such as DoS and DHA.

Sender reputation tracking

Each email sender obtains a merit-based reputation based on history and message characteristics. With each email, our spam filter technology analyzes the sender’s reputation to identify and block spam.

Outbound threat detection

Email delivery is critical for business. Integris’ antispam technology also identifies infected computers that are converted into zombie, or botnet, clients. Botnet attacks can result in your network being black-listed by other spam filters, preventing legitimate email sent by anyone in your network from reaching its intended recipient.

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