Vulnerability Assessment

Uncover weak points in your Security with Vulnerability Risk Assessments

Finding weaknesses is the first—and most challenging—step. Our network vulnerability assessments will make your security needs clear.

Keeping your data safe is tougher than ever before – cybercrime is growing every year, and criminals are getting smarter, faster, and harder to detect. Businesses are crippled all the time because they simply aren’t prepared for everything, and often the security measures they put in place aren’t implemented properly.

At Integris we’ve spent years providing cybersecurity consulting and services for businesses just like yours. Our strategic planning for your future includes vulnerability and risk assessments, to ensure your policies and applications are secure.

A Company is Only as Secure as its Weakest Link 

Taking steps to improve security is simple. The first step is the most challenging – finding weaknesses.

Vulnerability Assessments and scans are designed to review activity throughout an entire network, spotting weaknesses across the devices. Reviewing activity and reporting insights like who is restarting a machine and failing to install upgrades and security updates helps you get a handle on vulnerabilities. 

How Our Vulnerability Risk Assessment Works

Integris installs a small device on your network that performs periodical scans of each and every computer, switch, and perimeter device that connects to your network. These network vulnerability assessment scans are compared and recorded, maintaining a globally updated list.

Detailed reporting like this gives you critical information, like:

      • Which machines require updating
      • Which specific devices might pose a threat to your network and your information
      • Which users require additional training to ensure security is maximized
      • Which users may or may not be rebooting their computers on a regular basis
      • Which users are installing or which machines are operating potentially dangerous software

Isolating and identifying potential problems on your network quickly, from devices to the users that operate the devices, resolves issues faster and on a continual basis.

Your IT systems rely on your team as the first line of defense. See where your defenses need strengthening with Integris Internal Vulnerability Assessments.

Benefits of Getting a Vulnerability Assessment for Your Business

  1. Identify known security flaws before they are discovered by attackers.
  2. Make a list of all the devices on the network, including their purpose and operating system. This also contains vulnerabilities specific to a certain device.
  3. Create an inventory of all devices in the company to aid with upgrade planning and future assessments.
  4. Define the risk level on the network.
  5. Create a company risk/benefit curve and make the most of your security investments.


Deploy Top Cybersecurity Solutions 

Our managed services make it simple for you to enhance security and compliance in real-time. Integris allows your company to deliver the highest degree of security and assurance to its employees, customers, and vendors. Our services include:

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