Proactive Maintenance

The best way to fix tech issues is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

We offer proactive maintenance services to ensure your equipment and software are running at optimal performance.

What is regular, proactive maintenance?

Our comprehensive maintenance services involve routine check-ups on all existing hardware devices in your network. Effective proactive maintenance solutions involve part replacements, cleaning, adjustments, and repairs to your existing equipment.

Your maintenancing can have a calendar-based schedule, such as once a year, or a runtime-based approach that considers the age of your infrastructure.

Your IT services provider will start by creating a spreadsheet of all assets in your company, including:

  • Version
  • Year purchased
  • Usage
  • Serial numbers and other identifying factors
  • Last preventive maintenance performed and actions taken
  • Previous issues with an asset and steps taken to repair them

The techs will then use this spreadsheet for scheduling efficient proactive maintenance solutions.

An MSP may also choose to do a walkthrough of your company, checking cables, hardware, and connections for signs of excess wear.

Who needs proactive maintenance?

If your company relies on electronics of any kind from computers to printers, scanners, or faxes, it will benefit from a routine proactive maintenance plan. Whether you only have one or two devices or an entire office full of electronics: your company needs to stay on top of potentially costly repairs by implementing our proactive solutions.

Important of a proactive maintenance approach

Just like routine engine tune-ups and changing your oil regularly helps keep your car running smoothly, proactive maintenance will keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly. Being proactive about your maintenance means finding smaller potential problems and fixing them before they cause you larger problems in the future.

A good maintenance approach will help extend the life of your hardware and other devices.

What could happen if you don’t utilize proactive maintenance?

Without proactive maintenance, your hardware will break down. The breakdown can be gradual, such as an accumulation of dirt in the fans of your hard-drives, or sudden and catastrophic such as fires caused by worn cables and cords.
By the time you detect a problem with your network, the damage is already done. You won’t have any other choice at that point but to replace devices in order to restore functionality to your network.

Proactive maintenance will repair your devices, replace worn parts, clean, and inspect your hardware, extending the life of your equipment.

We’ll also look out for your systems in a less physical way—cybersecurity threats need to be monitored proactively, too. If you don’t have someone looking out for you at all times like we do, your company could be left vulnerable to cyberattacks. One bad breach could cost you downtime, possible legal fees, reputation and customer trust, and lower morale amongst your workers.

Why your business needs Integris’ proactive maintenance

Integris provides highly-skilled, dedicated tech teams for all kinds of support, including maintenance solutions that simply make sense for your company. Your team will develop a strategy that will keep your equipment and network safe and running at an optimal level.

Integrisbrings decades of experience in all aspects of proactive maintenance. Our techs will spot problems you aren’t aware of and fix them before they have a chance to significantly impact your productivity.

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