Iconic IT Dallas Fort Worth Celebrates the 2019 Winner of the DFW Nonprofit Champion Award: HOPE Farm


August 13, 2020

In late spring of this year, Integris Dallas Fort Worth chose the winner of the 2019 DFW Nonprofit Champion Award, HOPE Farm.

About Hope Farm

HOPE Farm is a leadership development program designed to help at-risk boys growing up without a father figure in their lives. HOPE Farm is a faith-based organization with a focus on education, youth intervention, and mentoring boys from the ages of five all the way through high school and beyond. This Dallas Fort Worth based organization is a social community nonprofit featuring a gym and a community center, with basketball being a large part of their success. HOPE Farm has helped over 250 boys and their mothers since it was founded in 1989.

HOPE Farm celebrates many milestones with the kids, fostering a sense of self-worth and value. The organization provides the opportunities for the boys to develop strong characters that will help them throughout their lives, from their school years and beyond.

Integris DFW Nonprofit Champion Award

Integris Dallas Fort Worth designed the DFW Nonprofit Champion Award to recognize local nonprofits for the good they do within the community. Initially, the award was given to nonprofits that Integris Dallas Fort Worth employees were directly involved in, either by working with the organizations or receiving help from them.

The award has grown in scope and now the nominations encompass nonprofits from all over.

The winners are chosen in the spring for the year prior. HOPE Farm was chosen in June 2020 for its service throughout 2019.

HOPE Farm’s Win

Integris Dallas Fort Worth provided eight laptops and headsets to HOPE Farm in recognition of the DFW Nonprofit Champion Award.

Victor Neil, HOPE Farm VP of Marketing, explains that winning the DFW Nonprofit Champion Award happened at the perfect time for the organization.

“We recently just opened a new facility in South Dallas and needed some laptops for our reading lab. When Iconic reached out and let us know we would be receiving the DFW Nonprofit award the timing was perfect. Because of it we were able to fully equip our South Dallas lab with brand new Chromebooks!”

Special recognition goes out to Jeff Howard, Integris’s VP of Client Experience, and Eric Zarko, Account Executive at the Integris Dallas Fort Worth offices, for their efforts to ensure the award will continue to honor nonprofits for years to come.

Integris’s Jeff Howard stated, “We are honored to give Hope Farm our 2019 Non-Profit Award.  For 30 years, their dedication to providing guidance and activities for vulnerable at-risk boys has helped to provide the community with future leaders.”


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