The Benefits of a Proactive IT Plan


April 23, 2021

As with every Monday morning, your team comes in from a relaxing weekend, ready to get back to the grind. They grab their steaming cups of coffee, sit down at their desks, catch up for a few minutes with their coworkers, and then get to work as their computers finish booting up. While checking emails, one of your employees notices that their computer is acting sluggish. 

Dismissing the problem as nothing more than the computer’s age and a case of the Mondays, your employee continues with their work. However, this sluggishness persists, followed by error messages, freezing, and finally, the computer crashes completely. Alarmed, your employee tries to get the computer to turn back on, but it is already too late. A virus has already put your sensitive data at risk and wreaked havoc on your computer’s motherboard.

Your trusted IT team comes in to play clean up crew, and you and your employee are scratching your heads and wondering if this problem could have been prevented in the first place. The team at Integris knows it could have been if your IT team had been using a proactive IT maintenance plan instead of a reactive one.

The Different Styles of IT Maintenance

Every business, including IT, can place their maintenance systems into four categories;

  • Reactive: Handling problems as they arise. 
  • Predictive: Monitoring and planning for potential problems 
  • Preventative: Taking steps to minimize future risks
  • Proactive: Continuously monitoring, studying, and handling potential or small problems before they grow into larger issues
  • TruProactive™: a combination of Reactive, Predictive, Preventative and Proactive

While all of these approaches have their benefits, the most advantageous of these is TruProactive™ approach, as it combines the other four. TruProactive™ IT Maintenance is designed to avoid the root problems that lead to IT failure, corruption, bad equipment, hacking, viruses, and threats to your business’s sensitive data and precious time.

What Are the Advantages of a TruProactive™ IT Maintenance Plan?

A TruProactive™ IT maintenance plan combines the predictive and preventive approaches to study the root of your system’s IT problems and minimize downtime by preventing future problems. It also advances your system’s security and maintenance abilities to adjust to a changing environment. Here are the benefits you can expect from investing in a TruProactive™ IT maintenance plan.

Reducing Downtime

When your IT system goes down due to faulty equipment, power issues, attacks, age, poor design or even viruses, your business faces a major standstill. Without the ability to serve your customers or gain access to important information, you and your employees will be stuck twiddling your thumbs until the system comes back online.

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TruProactive™ IT maintenance seeks to reduce downtime by preventing the cause of equipment failure, viruses, and network problems in the first place. This can only be done by continuously studying, monitoring, and implementing the networks of multiple companies. From this data set, strategies to handle potential problems before they occur. When an issue arises at one company, a strategy can be made to keep that from happening at all the other companies.

This could be as simple as installing ensuring all the UPS plugs are connected to battery ports on the UPS, and not just surge ports, ensuring that all users run with user permissions, not administrator permissions, ensuring that the latest anti-virus technology is installed on company computers or as complex as creating custom DNS and IP Schemes to match your business’s security needs. 

By taking a TruProactive™ approach, you can cut your downtime in half, and your maintenance plan adapts as your business and the IT environment changes.

Minimizing Repair Costs

By tackling the problems at their source instead of handling the aftermath, you will find that your IT repair costs, such as replacing fried motherboards from the lack of a UPS, will be greatly reduced. Not only will you save money by reducing the amount of time your employees wait for their computers to be fixed, but you will also save money on parts and labor for the repairs. 

Increasing the Lifespan of Your IT Equipment

TruProactive™ IT maintenance ensures that your IT system withstands the changes of time by allowing it to evolve with the changing needs of the IT world and your business. By implementing updates or upgrading old equipment outside of normal business hours, you can decrease downtime and ensure that your IT is there for you when you need it. By increasing the longevity of your equipment, you can enjoy the flawless running of your business without worrying about paying extra money to replace a computer or network that died due to a lack of proper maintenance and updates.

Integris Network’s TruProactive™ IT Maintenance Plan

Tru-Proactive™ identifies over 400 potential threats and possible problems that your business’s network could face and then modifies, verifies and monitors your system to ensure that those threats don’t come to fruition. 

Even when a network is run well, people take shortcuts, expand privileges, change where things are plugged in, and more. 

Our 12-month maintenance program schedules regular checks to your system’s network to verify that everything continues to be set up correctly and corrects it each month where it has moved out of compliance to keep your system running smoothly. With checks and rechecks carefully observed by a team that is constantly learning and identifying potential threats, you will never have to worry about having a woeful Monday due to faulty IT. 

Contact Integris Network’s Today for more information on our Tru-Proactive™ IT maintenance plan or to get an estimate. Take your business to the next level of efficiency and success with Integris.

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