Your Valuable Business Technology is Under Serious Attack


October 18, 2019

Valuable Business Technology is Under Serious Attack

October is cybersecurity awareness month, and there’s no better time to put standards in place to ensure that your business stays secure.  

Even if you don’t hear about it on the evening news every night, cybersecurity is still one of the largest risks for today’s businesses. This type of threat is far more dangerous than the economy or international trade deals. With a single poorly-considered click on a questionable email, one of your high-level staff members could cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars. You must create a more resilient infrastructure that will protect your business in the event of a phishing attack or other cybersecurity incident, or you risk your business becoming a statistic.

The Rising Costs of IT Downtime

With Gartner noting that IT downtime can rise upwards of $5,600 per minute, there are few businesses that can sustain weeks of this type of outage without permanent damage. However, this single fact certainly doesn’t tell the entire story — downtime can cost businesses anywhere from $100,000 per hour up to more than $500,000 per hour, depending on the business and the scale of the outage. If someone wants to hurt your business, the first place they would attack would be your business technology. If you do not have appropriate backup measures in place, a single ransomware attack could concievably cause network outages for a period of weeks while technology professionals attempt to piece together business systems and data.

Maintaining a High Degree of Security for Your Business

IT trends are expanding beyond the cloud-based storage solutions that have now been adopted by much of the business world. Advanced cybersecurity solutions including active monitoring and machine learning are able to identify potential attacks and quickly notify technicians so they can take appropriate action. This improved response time will help ensure that businesses find any problems in time to isolate affected systems to reduce the spread of malware and prevent additional incursions. When your business is able to rapidly heal a breach, you’re more likely to reduce the overall risk to your business.

Creating an active security posture for your business includes:

  • Ongoing training and education for all users that will be accessing corporate email and WiFi networks
  • Cloud-based backup that is regularly reviewed to ensure it meets the needs of the business
  • A comprehensive communication strategy that can be triggered in the event of a cybersecurity incident
  • Antivirus and anti-malware software, as well as email and website filtering
  • Constant network scans to identify and flag any unusual activity for review
  • Firewalls and other active support solutions

Keeping your business safe starts with having awareness of the scope of the challenges that are facing today’s organizations.

If you are not confident that your business is fully secure, it’s time to take action. At Integris, we provide Baltimore businesses with the tools and technology needed to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. These individuals are always looking for ways to defraud your business and steal your sensitive information — don’t let cybercriminals win! Contact the strategic security experts at Integris today at (888) 330-8808 or reach out to us online to see why Integris is the #1 rated IT services provider in the Baltimore area.

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