Corporate Culture


April 11, 2016

Most successful businesses have figured out that cultivating a strong corporate culture is just as important as hiring well-qualified employees. Unfortunately, the term “corporate culture” is often misunderstood. It’s not about catered lunches, wacky t-shirt days, or company bowling parties. Yes, those events can be fun and encourage team building, but great managers know that developing a true corporate culture takes much more than that. It is a conscious effort that requires a clear vision of the culture you are developing, and constant nurturing by projection and example from the company leadership. Corporate culture is a shared set of values, a fundamental set of standards you want your employees to possess, and a reflection of the CEO’s own ethics and ideals. Your hiring process searches for those values in new candidates, looking for individuals who will be a good “fit” with your team. That’s not to say your employees are clones of each other. Your hiring managers understand that diversity adds value, stimulates creativity, and promotes a healthy work environment. But those core values your team shares must be a part of each new hire.

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The corporate culture of vendors need the same consideration as hiring a new employee. This is especially true for an IT vendor, who will become an extension of your workforce and interact with your team on a regular basis. Corporate cultures can be as unique as individual personalities, so the goal isn’t necessarily finding one that matches your criteria exactly, but to be assured that your company’s and the vendor’s culture will be mutually supportive. During the vendor selection process you will undoubtedly be dealing with several members of the company’s team. As part of your vetting process, make a point to also interact with the employees your folks will be working with, the engineers in the case of an IT vendor. When you hear the vendor’s CEO talk about their corporate culture, take note as to whether that same message is delivered by their sales person, account manager, and engineers. That should help you quickly determine if the vendor has truly invested in developing their corporate culture, and not just a sales pitch.

At CalTech, our corporate culture is not merely something we strive for, it is what defines us as a company. Our hiring process includes clearly defining our culture and meticulous screening of candidates, who will know exactly what is expected of them as Integris employees. The values and standards of our leadership team is apparent and unambiguous, with emphasis on a well-balanced work/family/ethical/spiritual lifestyle. Every Integris employee works hard to grow our business in such a way that encourages growth in our co-workers, business success for our clients, and of our “bigger purpose,” the desire to give back to our communities. You will hear the same corporate culture message from our CEO as you will from our Tier One technicians. CalTech’s mission, vision, and values are posted on the front page of our intranet site:

Our mission
Building lasting relationships and delivering value through exceptional technology services.

Our vision

  • Delivering exceptional technology services.
  • Creating loyal and enthusiastic customers.
  • Known as the employer of choice.

Our values

  • Integrity
  • being trustworthy
  • exhibiting honesty
  • demonstrating accountability


  • being versatile
  • rewarding risk-taking and creativity
  • embracing change
  • effectively communicating


  • investing in our team
  • continually improving
  • maintaining a positive attitude
  • reducing inefficiencies


  • being responsible
  • following through
  • doing whatever it takes
  • helping others succeed

Our emphasis on corporate culture works well for Integris. We know that because our employees tell us so. Our turnover rate is less than twelve percent in an industry that averages more than fifty to sixty percent, and Integris consistently places high in the list of “Best Places to Work in Texas.”

To learn more about CalTech’s culture please contact us at 877-223-6401 or email us at [email protected].

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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