Is Your Organization Cyber Resilient?


March 15, 2020

Is Your Organization Cyber Resilient?

With the extreme threat landscape of today, cyber resilience should be a top priority for all organizations. Read this blog to learn more.  

With the cyber threat landscape being extremely volatile in this day and age, organizations are looking for innovative ways to protect their businesses. But to do this effectively, education is critical. Cybersecurity threats are becoming more advanced and sophisticated, so organizations must ensure that their teams are being appropriately trained with the IT resources. Furthermore, being educated on the current threat landscape is only half the battle–it’s also very important to be knowledgeable about what future cyber threats entail. That can ensure that your organization stays ahead to build the right security defenses.

While cyberattacks will never stop, you want to make sure that your company has a plan in place for when these attacks happen. In addition, it’s smart to also take preventive measures to prevent these attacks from happening in the first place. This all involves becoming cyber resilient.

What is Cyber Resilience?

Cyber resilience involves the measurement of how well an organization can manage a cyber incident while ensuring that the business can still operate effectively. The ultimate goal of cyber resilience is to ensure that your organization is well-suited to handle an attack and still function normally.

How to Achieve Cyber Resilience?

As cyberattacks are frequently happening, the chances are that they will only increase over time. While it may be impossible to ever stop them altogether, it is possible to reach cyber resilience for your business to stay on their feet. With the proper line of defenses in place, you can help to limit the damage done to your infrastructure and systems once a cyber attack strikes. However, many believe that organizations must be more proactive rather than reactive. According to Gus Hunt, a writer for, “We must shift from a reactive approach to a more proactive stance. We must place far more attention toward making federal systems and networks resilient — that is, being able to deliver the intended outcome despite adverse cyber events continuously.”

Developing Cybersecurity Strategies

One of the first steps to becoming cyber resilient involves building the right cybersecurity strategy. While utilizing some of the many IT resources we have today, IT managers and business owners must define, agree on, and endorse the right strategy from the top down. Rather than only the managers focusing on cybersecurity, it needs to be a strategy that is understood by everyone in the organization.

Critical Factors of Cyber Resilience

There are many steps to becoming cyber resilient. However, the best approach may vary from one organization to the next, so you’ll want to consider which actions are appropriate for your needs. But for most organizations, you’ll want to consider these actions to become cyber resilient:

  • Govern your environment
  • Understand your systems
  • Protect against malware
  • Defend your data
  • Respond to incidents
  • Restrict admin privileges
  • Continually monitor logs
  • Have a recovery plan
  • Control and monitor accounts

Building the right cybersecurity strategy can take some time, but it is well worth it in the end. If a cyber attack is severe enough, it can cause your system to be shut down, confidential data to be lost, and might result in detrimental effects for your organization. However, knowing how to build strategies can be difficult–even if you have many IT resources available. That being said, you’ll want to work with a qualified IT service team that is very experienced in the space.

Become Cyber Resilient with Integris

Integris is proud to serve Washington, DC, Baltimore, and the surrounding area with a wide variety of technology solutions. If you’re having trouble building the right cybersecurity defenses and you need assistance, then our team is happy to help. Whether you want to train your staff on cybersecurity or you need domain testing, phishing campaigns, or more, we are the IT service team for your needs.

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