Cyber Security Consulting is Just One Facet of How We Deliver A-Level IT Services


March 3, 2017

Steering clear of malware and other cyber attacks is on the mind of every business owner these days. But, not all IT security companies can guarantee total cyber or network security. Integris, on the other hand, provides all the cybersecurity consulting tools, know-how, and integrated solutions to be able to offer all our clients “total security assurance.”

This means, no matter what size company you have or what market segment you’re a part of, you get compliance-level security, and consequently, the enterprise-level payoff in this and all areas of our IT management service platform.

That doesn’t mean we throw out one blanket solution to the cybersecurity issues facing small businesses in Baltimore. It means you get at least that level of service. And, for those in particularly compliance-challenged industries, you get client-specific measures tailor-made to fit your business operations model, data management needs, and networking requirements.

Breaking it down into four main areas of our cybersecurity services, we can correctly diagram how what we do pays off for you:

  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment – Routine testing and strategic system patching and updates keeps you risk-free.
  • Email and Spam Protection – We prevent in-transit data corruptions with more assured workplace cyber safety and security
  • Network and Wireless Security – We diligently prevent viruses, malware, and other malicious intruders from compromising your infrastructure and workflow at every level.
  • IT Security in The Cloud – Safety and security in the cloud is at the top of your list, and we answer with more radically-effective cloud security solutions.

We take a wider, more holistic view of how to deliver cybersecurity solutions, offering our valued clients the best IT security consulting available as part of our IT management platform. And, all things being connected, our wealth of additional IT services are all designed to be as high-powered and complementary to your productivity and prosperity (and themselves) as possible.

What Are Your Cybersecurity Challenges?

No matter your small business cybersecurity challenges, we can confidently address and remedy them. As a leader among computer security companies in Baltimore, we make it easy to understand our approach. We only do necessary new tech rollouts, helping you maximize your ROI on both existing and new network configurations (when needed).

IT Security Services for 21st Century Companies

Integris is a proven leader in cybersecurity consulting companies in Baltimore MD and surrounding areas. Call a helpful cybersecurity consultant today at (800) 431-2282 or email us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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