Cyber Threat Intelligence Benefits for Denver Businesses


September 24, 2023

Cyber Threat Intelligence Benefits for Denver Businesses

In today’s digital world, businesses rely heavily on technology and internet connection to deliver services and communicate with customers. As the frequency and complexity of cyber crimes increases daily, businesses in the Denver area are becoming increasingly at risk to malware, DDoS attacks, and other threats. Cyber threat intelligence not only prevents cyber attacks, it can also help in recovering lost assets in the case of an incident. For businesses who choose to invest in cyber threat intelligence, the knowledge gathered from cyber threat intelligence tools can be used to inform future decisions about organizational and data security.

Benefits of Cyber Threat Intelligence

An advanced cyber threat intelligence plan can help businesses fortify their enterprise data while staying ahead of trends in the field of cybercrime. Cyber threat intelligence tools collect information on present and future cyber threats, which Denver businesses can use to prevent future attacks. In addition to their threat protection capabilities, Denver cyber threat intelligence services can also help businesses improve their organizational efficiency and collaborative knowledge. For small and medium-sized enterprises in the Denver area, cyber threat intelligence helps to provide a level of security that would be otherwise unattainable with a limited in-house cybersecurity staff.

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Prevent data breaches
  3. Identify vulnerabilities
  4. In-depth cyber threat analysis
  5. Collaborative knowledge
  6. Improved efficiency


A data breach can be one of the most costly emergencies your business comes across, with some estimates revealing that break-ins can cost businesses an average of $8 million. If your response to a data breach is slow, your business can incur further fees in the form of legal fees, fines, and post-incident restoration costs. Cyber threat intelligence is a cost-effective solution that can save you thousands in the long run. As cyber attacks only continue to grow more sophisticated and complex every day, it’s important to weigh the cost of dealing with one attack versus the value of taking preventative measures. Mitigating risks by working with cybersecurity consultants can put you in a better position to respond, recover, and keep existing customers happy, which is a far more cost-efficient option than attracting new ones.

Prevent data breaches

A comprehensive cyber threat intelligence plan allows organizations to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging threats and malware. By constantly monitoring for new threats and analyzing data, a threat intelligence platform can help organizations quickly identify and respond to threats. Cybersecurity consultants can provide actionable insights on emerging threats, which can be used to improve overall security and reduce the likelihood of subsequent attacks. Fortunately, many of the top Denver cyber threat intelligence consultants also offer data backup services to ensure your business’ most valuable information remains secure no matter what. Integris’ cloud services can help you migrate your entire data trove to the cloud without compromising security and access. Our Denver IT consultants will analyze your existing environment to develop an appropriate strategy, all while accounting for estimated growth in the future.

Businesses of all sizes and industries need a reliable, scalable cyber threat intelligence plan to ward off data breaches and hacking attempts. Whether you are a financial institution looking to keep customer information confidential, or a healthcare provider seeking a more comprehensive cyber threat strategy, our team builds scalable solutions for businesses of all industries. Schedule a  free custom consultation with our team today to discover the best cybersecurity solution for your business.

Identify vulnerabilities

Despite their best efforts, your in-house IT team cannot spend every hour of their days monitoring potential cyber threats. Without constant monitoring and updates, cyber threats can easily make it through your firewall, disrupting your business’ productivity for the entirety of the next day. Denver managed IT providers offer an array of cyber intelligence tools including the use of remote monitoring technology to constantly scan systems and networks for malware and viruses, even during non-work hours. These monitoring and management solutions proactively monitor the health of all networks, servers, and applications in real time. If a disruption does occur, an engineer will be ready to identify and respond to the issue before it becomes a major downtime event.

In-depth cyber threat analysis

An in-depth cyber threat analysis can In the Denver area, many data breaches can be partially attributed to an organization’s failure to conform with security protocols. A threat intelligence consultant can help prevent data breaches by helping organizations comply with relevant regulations and standards, such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NSIT) regulations. Here at Integris, we believe that the most effective method of warding off cyber threats is implementing a precautionary rather than reactive approach. Our advanced cybersecurity consulting services can protect your business against a variety of threats while preparing your systems to fight off future attacks. Schedule a free 10-minute consultation with our Denver team today to get started.

Collaborative knowledge

Cyber threat intelligence systems enable the sharing of information about threats and vulnerabilities between team members, which can prove critical in keeping infrastructure safe and functional. In addition to inter-organizational sharing, working with a cyber threat intelligence consultant also links your business to the vast local and global network of cybersecurity experts, consultants, and clients. As a small or medium-sized organization, it can be difficult to keep up with new vulnerabilities while simultaneously maintaining operations. To combat this challenge organizations share their vulnerabilities and cybersecurity tactics with other companies, thus helping each other defend against relevant cyber attacks.

Improved efficiency

For many businesses in the Denver area, cybersecurity measures are limited by a small staff or strained resources. Partnering with a Denver cybersecurity consultant can give your team access to in-depth information on threats and vulnerabilities. Advanced threat intelligence can detect threats through advanced technology software and security. With this advanced software in place, employees will only need to check for false positives, thus reducing the work burden on the security team. Viruses and other cyber attacks can slow down networks and personal devices, making it virtually impossible for any employee to accomplish their work. By implementing a range of security measures, including fortified firewalls, virus scannings, and automated backups, cyber threat intelligence protocols can drastically reduce downtime and decrease the frequency of complete network outages.

Fortify your cyber threat intelligence with Integris today

Potential methods of breaching your company’s data and firewall are becoming increasingly complex, leaving many Denver businesses scrambling to safeguard their networks, endpoints, and assets. Integris takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity, offering solutions that can be tailored to your budget and risk tolerance. With many Denver businesses facing multiple levels of threats every day, Integris’ cybersecurity services can help you stay abreast of changes in cybercrime through varying levels of security monitoring and troubleshooting. Schedule a free 10-minute consultation with our Denver team today to get started.

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