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January 31, 2024

As we go into 2024, Cybercrime now accounts for $8 Trillion US dollars—enough to make it the third largest “economy” after the US and China.  

As scary as that number is, it is the downstream effects of Cybercrime that are so serious. Hacked businesses experience the destruction of data, lost productivity, theft of intellectual property, embezzlement, fraud, and trafficking of stolen personal data, as a start. Fortunately, you’re not without defenses. That’s why we’re investing more time and resources in 2024 on cybercrime education. Throughout the year, our Integris locations will host our cybersecurity roadshow, where we’ll talk about Responsible IT architecture, cyber risk insurance, and so much more. If you’re already on our client/prospect mailing list, stay tuned for upcoming events in your area. If you’re running an IT department and would like to join us for one of these events, contact us, and we’ll get you in the loop.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a lot of exciting new content to share about recent trends in cybersecurity. Here’s a round-up of the latest!

Webinar Replay:  Make Risk Management Your New Year’s Resolution

Join the Integris vCISO team as we discuss how Risk Management is critical to your company’s cybersecurity posture. Your cybersecurity efforts should start with an assessment and risk management analysis, including a cybersecurity review of your IT systems, cloud infrastructure, network, vendor/supply chain, cybersecurity policies, and disaster recovery processes. This webinar, recorded in January 2024, will show you how to create a risk management program at your company.

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top tenTop 10 IT Best Practices to Adopt Right Now 

For most people working in corporate IT, there’s no shortage of tasks competing for your attention and budget. As the IT landscape becomes increasingly complex, how do you know where to place your priorities? This article from our solution advisor, Jed Fearon, gives an excellent overview of the significant issues you should focus on, from disaster recovery to backup protocols, IT strategy, and more. Best of all, it contains links to many of our longer-form resources on the subjects.

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What Is the Difference Between a Cybersecurity Policy, Plan, and Procedure?

cybersecurity policy

When you’re talking cybersecurity, it’s easy to use policy, plan, and procedure interchangeably. However, the three differ considerably, representing different parts of your IT governance. This detailed article from Darrin Maggy, our Integris vCISO and Information Security Operations Manager, takes a closer look at each and discusses the common gaps most companies have in their written governance documents.

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How to Reduce InfoSec Expenses the Right Way

cutting expensesAccording to recent surveys, most IT directors invest more in their cybersecurity operations, not less. Yet, if you’re tasked with “finding more room” in your IT budget, can you find ways to “spend smarter” on your cybersecurity? According to our vCISO Merleta Mohr, the answer is yes—if you ask the right questions. The key to savings can be found in standardized processes, innovative applications of cybersecurity tools, and a hefty dose of prevention. She’ll show you how.

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