How Cloud Solutions Help Austin Businesses During ACL


October 1, 2015


Austin businesses are becoming more and more accustomed to brief visitor spikes. Each year we take on a flood of guest coming for SXSW, F1, ROT Rally and the X Games. Needless to say we are well practiced for the visitor invasion of Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Around 450,000 music fans are expected to visit Austin the next two weekends. Depending on your industry you either prepare for a dramatic increase in business or try to escape the fiasco and maintain productivity. Whichever is your strategy, cloud computing services may be a way to help you better prepare for events like these.

For Austin Businesses That Benefit From The Visitor Spikes…

Cloud Computing Simplifies Employee Fluctuations

If you are in the dining, hospitality or another industry impacted by an increase in visitors you probably looked into increasing your staff for ACL. It can be very frustrating for a business to set up IT for temporary employees.

Cloud computing allows you to add or remove as many users as needed, even on a temporary basis. So if you are a local business that needs to increase your work force for events like ACL you can do so with ease.

Not only does this save you time and a headache, it also is a more cost-effective strategy. You only pay for what you use because if you add and remove users your monthly payment is adjusted. That means you don’t have to invest in unnecessary technical overheads to prepare for one weekend. It also means you are always ready for any increase or decrease in your staffing, whether it be temporary or permanent.

For Austin Businesses That Are Disrupted By Visitor Spikes…

Cloud Computing Helps to Maintain Productivity

Most of the 450,000 visitors come in Thursday and Friday. Which means those of us who don’t prepare to go into battle try to find a way to retreat.

Cloud computing allows employees to access all files and use all programs from any device with an Internet connection. They simply visit a website to access all of the programs or files they need to work.

Which means if your employees would be more productive working from home they can do so from their personal laptop, desktop, etc. The only requirement is a quality high-speed Internet connection. As far as the technology goes, working from home would be exactly like working from the office.

So whether you prepared for an incredible weekend of business or just tried to keep the work week as productive as any other, cloud computing might be a great way for you to achieve your goals during visitor spikes.

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