Sitima Fowler, Co-Founder and VP of Iconic IT Services’ Marketing, Makes the Cover of Channel Pro’s July 2020 Edition


July 17, 2020

Sitima Fowler Channel Pro Cover July 2020 Integris services is proud to see our own Sitima Fowler, Co-Founder of Integris and VP of marketing, gracing the cover of the digital magazine, Channel Pro July 2020 Edition. Channel Pro provides business and IT insights for small to medium-sized IT services providers.

Sitima uses the article to describe how the same strategies that made her first MSP, Capstone IT of Rochester, New York a success are currently being used to drive growth for her current MSP, Integris. She explains how marketing and standardization, along with acquisition and automation, are keeping Integris relevant in IT services.

Capstone IT was created by Sitima and her husband, Mike Fowler, in 2006, with an initial revenue of $1 million and just five employees. Sitima was responsible for business development, and the first two years with Capstone IT left her feeling, as she describes in her article, like “a complete failure.” Sitima describes how she left negativity behind and began to take chances that paid off in the end.

Sitima’s strategy required a lot of ground-work and research about the market and businesses throughout Rochester and the surrounding areas. She carefully created a marketing list, massaging it and sending targeted marketing to those businesses who qualified. She reached out to her business associations and peers, making a name for herself and for Capstone IT.

Integris was formed when the decision was made that four smaller companies, already united by common goals, were not going to make an impact on the MSP world, but one larger company could. Learn how her game plan and IT services strategies, started with Capstone IT, are paying off in a big way in her new venture with Integris in Channel Pro’s July 2020 Edition, on page 18.

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