Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Gain a champion for cybersecurity with Integris vCISO.

Every organization needs someone to lead the charge in defending your people and your network. Integris vCISO is a smart option to make the most of your budget while getting superior support.

Meet your organization’s security needs with a vCISO

In the rapidly-evolving world of cybersecurity, installing a firewall and having a staff meeting about phishing emails isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Whether your organization is required to meet compliance (such as HIPAA, GDPR, NYDFS, or CMMC) or your industry is just incredibly valuable, you have something to lose. An individual that understands the business needs, security requirements, policies, and procedures to tailor and implement for your organization is an absolute must for continued growth. That’s what Integris vCISO will be for your business.

Integris vCISO Nick McCourt talks about how no organization is too small for hackers (and subsequently cybersecurity needs).

vCISO: A smart investment for your company

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is capable of working with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and your executive team in managing and coordinating third-party security assessments, and applying and managing a defense framework to help defend your network at a higher level.

For organizations that are required to meet compliance, vendor risk assessments and risk analysis can aid you in capturing contracts with prospective clients/customers or maintaining good standing with current clients and their agreements.

Your cybersecurity program is an investment. Unless you’re particularly savvy with technology compliance on top of the rest of your normal duties, you’re going to need someone with experience to make sure your company’s cybersecurity is up to par.

How Integris vCISO works for you

  • Provided by a CISSP
  • Delivered in person, over the phone, and/or by email
  • Get updates on your industry’s best practices and recommendations
  • A professional that manages the cybersecurity portion of your contracts and agreements with your clients/customers
  • An IT framework tailored to your needs and based on a national or international standard
  • Ensures that your environment, executive team, and employees are compliant with necessary regulations, includes drafted policies, procedures, and plans
  • Auditing of specific controls needed by your organization, includes CISO Annual Board Report, GAP/Risk Assessment
  • Evaluating your security posture is crucial to maintaining compliance. For all desktop/laptop, software, and server vendor management
  • Executive summary reports and implementation of a Phishing Lifecycle that increases awareness and security depth for all employees in your organization
  • Consultation on which services and security layers to add, when to engage third-party organizations for assessment or 24/7 vigilance

Success Story

The Company

A marketing firm dealing with branding, app development, graphic design, and marketing events for agencies. Not only does this firm help other companies build their brands and expand their reach into their specific market, but they also help these companies create incentive and recognition programs for internal staff to inspire and reward their teams’ hard work.

The Problem

Working with such a varied group of outside companies, banks, vendors and clientele, the marketing firm wanted a third party review of their security posture to ensure they were compliant with all government security regulations relevant to them and the entities they do business with. Additionally, they needed guidance in developing templates and internal guides to help them systemize their processes and keep their security posture in check.

The Solution

By hiring Integris as their IT partner, we were able to help this firm create a strategy to stay on top of ever-changing compliance requirements (such as GDPR and NYDFS) to prevent them from falling behind and risking being fined. Armed with a refined tasks itinerary developed with Integris, our CISO and vCIO meet regularly with the firm’s executive team to ensure that the policies and processes surrounding their IT are up-to-date with the latest in compliance trends, as well as seamlessly integrated with their business’s daily operations.

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