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Our Tampa cybersecurity services location

For over two decades, Integris has been dedicated to supporting businesses in Tampa to optimize their IT services, encompassing robust cybersecurity solutions.

With our extensive experience and tailored approach, we empower businesses to fortify their digital defenses and navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape with confidence.

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Integris Tampa Bay

Clients rate Integris the #1 Managed Service Provider

Our reviews on Clutch speak for themselves – we've been ranked the #1 Managed IT Service Provider based on our ability to deliver services and our focus in the managed IT space.

IT consulting in Tampa Bay for all your technology needs

Full-Service IT Consulting

Elevate your entire IT infrastructure with a trusted IT consulting partner dedicated to enhancing security, optimizing cloud functionality, ensuring network reliability, and more.

Network Consulting

Leverage the expertise of our IT consulting firm to enhance the reliability and performance of your network. With a team of over 100 IT professionals, we work to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Partner with Integris, a leading Tampa-based IT consulting firm, to implement cutting-edge security strategies. We’ll assist you in identifying vulnerabilities and strengthening your defenses against cyber threats.

Cloud Consulting

Rely on our consulting experts to design and deploy your cloud environment effectively. Our IT consulting services enable you to leverage the latest technologies, support hybrid work models, and reduce operational costs.

IT Solutions Consulting

Address IT challenges swiftly with assistance from one of Tampa’s premier IT consulting firms. Our team identifies solutions to enhance productivity by resolving recurring issues efficiently.

IT Strategy Consulting

Allow us to develop a comprehensive IT roadmap tailored to your business’s growth trajectory. With our IT strategy consulting, ensure that your technology serves as a catalyst for business expansion.

IT Procurement

Trust our IT solutions consulting to optimize IT operations with cutting-edge technology at competitive prices. Our strong relationships with top vendors guarantee favorable prices and terms tailored to your needs.

Backups and Business Continuity

Implement robust backup and disaster recovery solutions with guidance from our IT consultancy. We’ll help you develop business continuity plans that align with your unique requirements and ensure operational resilience.

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Tampa Bay IT Consulting clients trust Integris

“During the pandemic the telehealth option at our office became a reality. To be able to move through these types of appointments and connect with our patients that we were actively treating was beautiful.”

Dr. Bill Layman
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Service Beyond Servers:
Doing good in Tampa Bay

Because Integris values the local communities we serve, we take a local approach to our charitable giving and community involvement.

The Integris Impact program allows employees to take a set amount of PTO each each year to volunteer at the local charity of their choosing.

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Our Tampa Bay IT services

Discover our comprehensive suite of services.

Managed IT Services Tampa Bay

Experience fully managed IT services tailored for businesses in Tampa Bay.

IT Support Tampa Bay

Explore our IT support solutions designed specifically for businesses in Tampa.

Cybersecurity Services Tampa Bay

Ensure security and minimize risk with Integris cybersecurity services in Tampa Bay.

IT Helpdesk Tampa Bay

Our IT helpdesk can help your Atlanta business today.

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IT consulting services that evolve as your company grows

As a top IT company, we know how to implement new solutions to improve reliability, decrease downtime, and improve your ROI.

Find out why we’re the top choice in IT consulting companies for banks, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and businesses just like yours.

Tampa Bay IT Consulting FAQ

How are IT consulting services different than managed IT services?

Managed IT services typically refers to “fully” managed IT services, which typically include security, monitoring, management, and support of a company’s IT systems and users for a fixed, and predictable, monthly fee.

In contrast, IT consulting services may be included with managed IT services or purchased separately as individual line items, billed monthly as subscriptions, or sold in hourly blocks.

What should I expect from Tampa IT consulting services?

Consulting IT services will help you solve many common business problems. With solid IT strategy and compliance guidance, SMBs, midmarket, and enterprise clients:

• Save time, money, and increase profitability.
• Improve team morale.
• Reduce employee frustration and IT staff burnout.
• Solidify defenses against data breaches, ransomware attacks, and legal exposure.
• Lower cybersecurity and compliance risk.
• Prevent the loss of knowledge, certification expertise, and skill sets from departing IT employees.
• Leverage best in class tools and onshore help desk with partnership level support.
• Refocus internal IT resources on mission-critical, strategic endeavors.

What businesses are a good fit for IT consulting services?

Businesses with the following profile are a good fit for IT consulting:

  • Rely on their IT infrastructure to properly support their daily business processes, staff, and clients.
  • Consider technology a business differentiator.
  • Understand the value of mature operations, which ultimately translates to predictable outcomes and improved risk management.
  • Expect high availability, efficiency, and productivity, which can only be achieved by proactive technology planning and actions.
  • Value reputation in a marketplace and understand that reputational risk, if not managed, can potentially erode public trust in the business.
  • Do not have sufficiently trained staff, expertise, or time to formally deal with proper maintenance, updates, and repairs.
  • Prefer to pay one monthly, flat fee for services for a premium level of service quality to the business.

How can I find a good IT consultant in Tampa Bay?

There are several ways to find reputable IT consultants. Independent review sites like Clutch conduct independent, third-party reviews with real clients (full disclosure, Integris has 4.9 stars on Clutch). You can also ask trusted business associates and partners for their IT consultant recommendations.

What are some of the situations where I might need extra IT consulting services?

There are many reasons why a client might need IT consulting services, however, some of the most common we see at our Tampa Bay offices include: 

  • Large changes in your systems that require local engineering help setting up networking, servers, and physical IT assets 
  • Project management to handle integrations, install new tools or enact big changes and expansions to your infrastructure 
  • Expanded need for cybersecurity strategy and governance to attract new clients or please existing vendors 
  • Expanded need for cybersecurity governance around documentation, in advance of a regulatory review or cyber risk insurance application 
  • Consultation to set up disaster recovery and response protocols 

How is IT Consulting Billed at Integris Tampa Bay?

IT Consulting can be purchased on a project basis, or as part of retainer. Prior to our consulting agreement, we will evaluate your consulting request and provide a written estimate based on how many hours are needed, and the billing level of the experts being deployed for the job.

The project will be billed monthly while the work is being done. If hourly overages look likely once we start, we will notify you of the change before it is billed. 

Which employees work on IT consulting for Integris?

All our local engineering staff, vCIOs (Virtual Chief Information Officers), and national vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officers) are available for consulting work. To learn more, contact us.