Business Data Secured? 6 Important Security Tips For Baltimore Business


February 13, 2014

Do you worry about your employees computing habits? As a business owner, you must ensure employees are taking precautions to protect business, customer, and personal information.  Integris is a IT security consulting firm in Baltimore.  We work hard to ensure all businesses in Baltimore/Washington have a secure computer network while providing exceptional IT Support & Consulting.

Here are 6 safe computing tips to mitigate the risk of security threats:

1.     Patch and Update

If an employee’s computer seems to be working fine, they may neglect to apply patches and updates. If this happens, the computer will be vulnerable to malware and viruses. Make sure you’re setting up automatic operating system and software updates on all computers to protect from software vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

2.     Strong Passwords

Strong passwords should be used for all accounts or services. Make sure employees are using strong passwords with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Also, separate passwords should be used for each account or service.

3.     Data Backup

There’s a wide variety of backup options available for you to create a backup and recovery solution that fits your needs. As part of a disaster recovery plan, always back up data on a regular basis to protect from the unexpected. Also, make sure the files are recoverable if necessary.

4.     Antivirus Software

An antivirus software will protect computers from malicious or infected information. Once you’ve installed antivirus software, make sure it’s set to scan your files on a regular basis. Also, keep antivirus software up to date and check for new definition updates daily.

5.     Access Control

Make sure employees understand the risks associated with leaving portable devices, such as laptops and smartphones, in unsecured areas. Many organizations underestimate the importance of the physical security of computers and laptops, however, the physical security is just as important as the technical security.

6.     Firewalls

Firewalls filters the incoming and outgoing network traffic by analyzing the data packets to determine whether or not to let them into the system. Most computer operating systems include software-based firewalls to protect against threats and vulnerabilities on the Internet.

For more safe computing tips to help you protect your business, customer, and personal information, give us a call at (888) 330-8808 or send us an email at [email protected]. Integris can help you create safe computing guidelines to mitigate the risk of security threats.

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