Incident Response Services

Cybersecurity Incident Response Services

We have the expertise to help your business with Incident Response, whether you are experiencing an incident now or you want to plan ahead.

Incident & Breach Response Services

If you are experiencing an incident or breach, you need a team to help you through the process. We can help you get back to business as quickly and safely as possible.

We have offered cybersecurity response services for over ten years. We are also able to help businesses that are not current clients with their incident or breach response.


Our breach response services include:

Data Forensics
Server Rebuilding
Workstation Rebuilding
Network Recovery
Cybersecurity Domain Computer Services
“Bad guys, they’re not waiting for Monday at 9:00 AM when we come to the office.

The Exchange vulnerability, that came up in the middle of the night. There’s more development actually happening in the middle of the night, we developed some scripts and things like that.

So that makes us jump on that because we are 24/7 company for our clients. We have calls, at 2:00 AM, 3:00 AM, and things like that. Just so we can get ahead of a lot of different things.”

Kris Laskarzewski
Chief Product Officer

Outsourcing IT Support Management Co-Managed Domain Computer Services

Make an Incident Response plan, and feel secure

Integris offers proactive Incident Response planning for small-to-medium sized businesses. We can help prepare your organization for the worst — before it ever happens. Proactive planning and cybersecurity compliance are some of the most important things you can do for your business, and we can help you prepare.

Our services include:

Chief Information Security Office as a Service (CISOaaS)
Compliance Consulting
Vulnerability Assessments
Penetration Testing
Backup & Disaster Recovery
“With no Incident Response Plan, you are still subject to the same types of attacks, the same types of intrusion, the same types of attempts. Threat actors out in the world are more granular. When they pick you, they pick you. They want to figure out a way in. They can do all those different things.

So as an organization that doesn’t follow compliance, it’s better to have it than not to have it. It’s better to have car insurance and never need it, than to not have it and need it.”

Nick McCourt
Lead vCISO

Benefits of Integris Managed Incident Response Services

Local Incident Response Support

Local support is critical in these situations. Our team will be able to support you on-site, quickly.

Superior service

Our team always remembers the human behind the computer. We know that an incident can be a stressful time for businesses. You will not be left waiting in the dark with Integris.

Technical expertise

We offer unparalleled levels of service combined with expertise. This is why non-clients, and even other IT providers, turn to Integris for help with Incident and Breach Responses.

Reduced Downtime

With an incidence response plan in place, we will be able to significantly reduce any downtime for your company.

Maintain Public Trust

We ensure that your company will be able to maintain public trust in the event of an emergency. Our breach response service team will be able to recover any potentially lost data and quickly bounce back from a breach.

    Deploy Top Cybersecurity Solutions 

    In addition to Integris’ robust incident response services, we also offer a full suite of additional Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

    Top-Tier Incident Response Consulting 

    Our seasoned incident responders and purpose-built response systems loaded with years of cyber-attack and threat group data can assist you in quickly responding to and mitigating cyber incidents.

    Reach Out to Our Team of Experts to Begin the Process

    Start the conversation with a Discovery Session

    Let’s discuss IT strategy, services, and business solutions. Or any other high-priority technology and compliance concerns in a brief Discovery Session.

    We look forward to learning about your organization, sharing our process, and providing value, early and often. Integris is here to help.