Internet Security and Content Filtering Solutions

Managed Internet Security and Content Filtering protects your business from the inside out

Secure web filtering stops sophisticated cyber threats before they stop you.

What is Internet Security and Content Filtering?

Content filtering is a tool that keeps your employees safe online—being exposed to links that are broken or unsecured, or on a list of known bad actors on the Internet.

Hackers have made a profession out of creating legitimate-looking websites that can trick visitors into giving up critical passwords and protected information. Or worse, they can convince an employee to download a function or app that installs malware in your system. It’s all too easy to do an internet search, and click on a website that looks like a major national brand, but it’s really a spoof site. A good content filter on your company’s internet connections can stop this from happening.

A good content filter should be part of every company’s cybersecurity strategy, because it eliminates one of the biggest threats your company faces.

A powerful filtering tool that’s customized to your business

 When you work with Integris, we can create a content filtering program that addresses your specific business needs. Our DNS Filtering tool allows you to:

Manage your company internet experience with acceptable use/compliance policies 
Create location-aware DNS content categories, so you can manage content filtering levels when employees are using your devices on or off network 
Create an unlimited number of custom block/allow lists 
Set different levels of internet access restrictions and filtering levels 
Our expert technicians can handle the installation of this cybersecurity tool. And our “white glove” service will ensure your filtering tool is always working properly, and calibrated well to all your network needs.

Internet Security and Content Filtering is part of Responsible IT Architecture

There are nine tools that we use at Integris to help us ensure that the standards of a Responsible IT Architecture are met, and Internet Security and Content Filtering is one of them.

When you work with us, we prefer to take a holistic security approach. For us, that means employing these nine pillar tools, working in tandem, to create a complete layer of protection around your systems. Whether all those tools come from us, or they are existing tools in your network, it’s important that they are updated, up to the standards of regulators/cyber insurers, and up to the security demands of your network.

We’ll work with you to make sure your Internet Security and Content Filter works as intended, and works well with your other security tools to keep your company safe.

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