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Keep your organization continuously protected, future-proof, and compliant with Managed Firewall Services.

Network Firewall: Offload your security concerns to Integris

Network Firewall and firewall management is an integral part of managed IT services. The program is also a critical ingredient of a layered approach to cybersecurity and compliance.

Why buy equipment when you can subscribe and get a next-gen firewall, policy management, and dynamic security monitoring for a modest monthly fee?

Next-gen firewalls combined with cloud-based security controls provide performance optimization, granular cyber event discovery, and real-time threat remediation.

Private cloud servers

Integris gives you a superior Network Firewall solution

Stay on top

With Integris, you’ll always have the latest firewall protection. There’s no need to deal with upfront costs or old equipment.

Real-time monitoring

Rest easy because we address every threat in real-time. We’re responsible 24/7, so you enjoy greater peace of mind.

Monthly reports

We provide regular updates to ensure you know every behind-the-scenes detail.

What is a Network Firewall?

Firewalls have been around for decades, providing that essential layer of protection between your “trusted” actors on your system, and those who are not. Most companies think of firewalls strictly as a generic, plug-and-play tool. But a firewall is a central part of your company’s defenses, and a crucial link in the network security rules you set for your business. They are flexible and customizable, with reporting capabilities that can provide key information about your company’s health.

Your security needs aren’t basic. So why should your network firewall be? At Integris, we provide our clients with a network firewall solution that’s tailored to their needs, and backed up by white-glove on-site, emergency, and help- desk service. When you work with us, you can rest assured you’ll have the firewall that’s future-proofed and threat ready—while handing all the maintenance hassles to us.

Setting up your firewall—the right way

We start by looking at your business needs—your traffic, your regulatory burdens, and your threat levels. When we make a recommendation for your firewall configuration, we create a plan for you with all this in mind. Once the firewall is installed on your network, our involvement doesn’t end there. You’ll get all the installation, maintenance, logging, and replacement services you need to safely integrate our firewall into your company’s defenses.

What benefits do you get with a Network Firewall?

Because your network firewall sits at the center of your cybersecurity strategy, it has the power to tell you a lot about how well that strategy is working. The data your firewall generates helps alert you to breaking cybersecurity emergencies and understand the patterns driving your security threats. It’s critical information to understand when setting IT budgets and creating infrastructure plans. Those reports are also required for cyber risk insurers and regulators.

We can help you understand all that information and provide all the day to day monitoring that helps you get the maximum benefit from our advanced firewall product.

When you get your network firewall through Integris, you can expect:


  • On-site installations, server room management, and networking
  • Expert help desk assistance, available to your users 24/7
  • A dedicated vCIO to handle documentation, project management, and systems strategy
  • Procurement and management of all your software and hardware
  • Cybersecurity planning and reporting for regulators and cyber insurers
  • Continuous system assessment, monitoring, patching, and documentation
  • Backup management and disaster recovery

Integris Network Firewall is part of Responsible IT Architecture

There are nine tools that we use at Integris to help us ensure that the standards of a Responsible IT Architecture are met, and Integris Network Firewall is one of them.

When you work with us, we prefer to take a holistic security approach. For us, that means employing these nine pillar tools, working in tandem, to create a complete layer of protection around your systems. Whether all those tools come from us, or they are existing tools in your network, it’s important that they are updated, up to the standards of regulators/cyber insurers, and up to the security demands of your network.

We’ll work with you to make sure your Network Firewall works as intended, and works together with your other security tools to keep your company safe.

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The Futility of Firewalls

The Futility of Firewalls

Yes, a firewall is essential. But if that’s all you want, you’ll miss all the other mechanisms that make your program go, just like “blue” can’t drive your car.

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