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What is patch management?

Patch management is the process of testing, applying, and installing updated code (patches) into existing platforms.

While some patch management is part of a software package, today’s networks and operating systems are so complex that “automatic updates” just aren’t enough. Cloud hosting and other changes to operating systems mean that your network needs to be actively scanned and proactively updated for both routine and emergency patches.

Patching and Monitoring Domain Computer Services
Patching and Monitoring Domain Computer Services

Why is patch management important?

Neglecting to update your network leaves gaps in your security systems, and any number of hackers are waiting to slip through those gaps and into your network.

One of the biggest responsibilities of managed IT service providers is to make sure their clients’ networks are updated routinely. Upgrades and updates are necessary to keep businesses’ systems up and running smoothly.

Integris delivers the best patch management solutions in the industry. Our professionals are always up to date on cyberthreats and ready to apply the right tools to your network in real-time. Your network will be protected from threats as they arise, not after they occur.

How to choose the right patch management software

There are many packages on the market today. Each one promises to deliver the best services and the most comprehensive solutions. How do you choose the best for your company? Consider the following features when evaluating a solution:

User-friendly experience

Patch management can be a complicated process. The best software should be easy to install, easy to understand, and as easy to navigate as possible.

Scanning capabilities

In addition to applying routine updates, a good program will regularly scan your network to find any holes in the armor, repairing them as they are found.


A good package will grow to meet new cyberthreats as they arise. The package should also be able to evolve and grow as your company expands.

Lack of workflow disruption

Patch management software packages should quietly update your network without disrupting workflow or slowing your systems down.


Reliable software will give users real-time reporting on any updates and patches provided—and which issues these updates have already addressed.


The best patch management software programs will guarantee they deliver on their promises and/or offer to fix any issues that arise.

While “boxed” or automatic programs may be enough for the average home user, these aren’t sophisticated enough for most businesses. Choosing a managed IT service provider to handle your organization’s patch management needs is often a better choice for companies, as it checks all the boxes above.

Who needs patch management?

Any organization that routinely handles proprietary secrets, customer financial information, and other sensitive data should protect itself and its networks with a comprehensive patch management strategy from a reliable managed IT service provider.

Companies that use outdated software and operating systems need to make sure they are up to date on security patches since many of these software programs no longer provide automatic updates. If your company is using outdated software, it is especially vulnerable to an attack. Not using a patch management program leaves you wide open for a hacker to steal your data or infect your network, causing a financial hit and company-wide downtime that could have been avoided.

Each device needs to be protected with endpoint security, and all updates and security patches should cover every device in the organization. If your company relies on any devices—from mobile phones to laptops and printers—you need an organized strategy.

Patching and Monitoring Domain Computer Services

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