Vendor Management Services

Let Integris handle your business IT vendor management.

Identify risk, reduce cost, and improve the performance of your vendors.

What is vendor management?

Vendor resource management is a service that identifies risk, reduces cost, and improves the performance of your vendors. IT vendor management uses a web-based platform, known as a vendor management system (VMS), to merge all your vendor activities. Price negotiation, contract formalization, reputation research, and changing vendors who no longer suit your needs are just a few facets of vendor management.

Which companies need vendor management?

Vendor management can help any sized business in any industry. That being said, companies with a large number of vendors, multiple locations, or a variety of IT vendors will benefit the most from vendor management. Outsourcing this task allows the company to focus on what’s important: growing your business.

Important of having vendor management in any company

Vendor management services allow your company to receive the best vendors, agreements, contracts, and more without devoting personnel to the task. This keeps your prices within budget and your vendors working harder for your business.

What could happen if you don’t have a solid vendor management system?

A vendor resource management service keeps your vendors in line. Without a vendor management system, you run the risk of dealing with a noncompliant entity. Without a watchful eye, your vendors could break contracts or agreements and raise prices. Remember, you are only as good as your vendors. If your vendors are failing you, your business will be affected.

Vendor management services ensure that your vendors are trusted resources instead of risky propositions.

Why your business needs Integris’ vendor management

Integris has a long, trusted history of providing vendor management services. Our vendor management system assesses your vendor relationships for risks while making sure all of your vendors fit your company’s values and needs. Integris goes to bat for you with strong vendor management services that fight for you, your prices, your contracts, and the quality of your relationships with your vendors. We negotiate for you so you don’t have to worry about your IT vendor management needs. Learn why third-party vendor management matters for your business.

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