Sitima Fowler, Iconic IT Co-Founder and VP of Marketing Featured in ChannelPro Network’s “Stronger Together” Story


November 11, 2020

ChannelPro Network recently featured Sitima Fowler, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing of Integris, in the October 2020 story, “Stronger Together,” an in-depth look at diversity, equity, and inclusion in IT. Her article, Turning Differences into Advantages, covers her journey to success from a struggling pre-teen to Co-Founder of not just one, but two successful MSPs. 

The Journey to Her Success Started with French Fries   

Sitima Fowler always dreamed big. How big? Large French fries big. 

As the child of an immigrant family, Sitima’s childhood was challenging. Culture shock, financial struggles, and language barriers faced the 11-year-old girl from Calcutta, India as she struggled to find her place in America. 

One of her fondest memories of childhood was her monthly family outing to McDonald’s, where the family would share a small order of French fries. Sitima was quick to notice that other people in the restaurant had large orders of fries, all for themselves. 

The young girl decided that she wanted to be a “large French fries” kind of success story. 

The fire lit, Sitima’s determination led her through a complex journey of ups and downs, facing prejudice every step along the way. 

Sitima Fowler, Integris Co-Founder, VP of Marketing, and Success Story 

Sitima not only faced the things that made her different, such as being a minority female in an all-male world, she overcame them and learned to embrace them. 

Sitima has a degree in engineering and a strong background in sales, marketing, and leadership in the MSP landscape. She is a motivational speaker, a marketing whiz, a technical pro, a teacher, the founder of several minority-focused associations, and the co-founder of Rochester New York’s Capstone IT, one of the parent companies of Integris. 

Find out how Sitima faced her challenges and used them to become a successful business leader by reading the full ChannnelPro article, Turning Differences into Advantages. 

Sitima Fowler ([email protected]loves to talk MSPs, Indian cooking, marketing, diversity, and the road to success.  

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