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March 11, 2013

Competition is fierce in the manufacturing/distribution industry across the country, how does the average business win in today’s competitive business world? The right IT systems and support play an increasingly important role in an industry that has become very technology dependent.

Hunt Valley, MD – When Bill’s Carpet, a staple in the Baltimore business landscape needed to replace legacy software systems and aging servers, they turned to Integris. Integris helped them with the transition to a reliable server environment, robust and secure networking solution and a data protection solution to ensure all customer records, accounting information and all important data was properly backed up.

Competition amongst manufacturing and distribution operations is fierce and companies are looking for innovative solutions to help improve operational efficiencies, boost productivity, excel at customer service and lower their overall expenses. Technology solutions are one strategic method to accomplish these business priorities.

Bill’s Carpet operates 5 retail locations in addition to their company headquarters across the Baltimore region. Serving the area for over 48 years, Bill’s Carpet is a leader in the community.

The Business Challenge

Bill’s Carpet’s computer system was showing its age. Matt Stamm, their IT manager had plans to upgrade the company’s aging business software solution. The plan was to change an in-house development software package Bill’s Carpet used to run the entire business operation to a more current business solution.

Things turned out to be more complicated than expected. The aging network was not able to accommodate this business software upgrade and also required significant improvements.

Bill’s Carpet turned to Integris to assist in the deployment of a new networking solution bringing them from the “mid 1990’s to the twenty teens,” said Matt Stamm. Prior to Integris’s involvement, Stamm relied on the “local computer shop” to repair systems, however now a total solution was needed and this called for support from one of Baltimore’s top IT support providers.

How Integris Helped

Integris provided Bill’s Carpet with a complete technology solution to meet their business objectives of having a stable, robust and secure network across all locations with the ability for every location to run their business applications and serve the needs of their customers.

Integris also identified the need for a business continuity solution that would eliminate any serious and potential damaging business impact related to future storms, data corruption or even technology breakdown. Bill’s Carpet’s business continuity and data backup solution uses a combination of local backup technologies and cloud backup to ensure a complete end-to-end backup solution is in place.

Integris provided the following technology solutions:

  • Reduced their 9-server environment to a virtual server environment with VMware using Dell PowerEdge servers.
  • Replaced networking components with Cisco switches.
  • SonicWALL NSA security solutions providing all perimeter IT protection and point-to-point networking.
  • Implementation of an IT security solution at all locations.
  • Liaison with all vendors including their warehouse management software solution prior to, during and post network upgrade.

Integris provides around-the-clock managed IT support to Bill’s Carpet which includes managed virus protection, network monitoring, system updates and continued support of Matt Stamm’s efforts as the company IT administrator.

How IT Helps

For many manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses, hiring an IT firm on an as needed basis is a sound business decision. According to IT industry research firm, Gartner Group, the right IT services provider can reduce product selection, procurement, implementation, maintenance and management costs by 20-30%. Technology will also increase the reliability and performance of a business’ IT operations, resulting in greater return on investment, higher employee productivity and improved morale.

Integris helps business throughout Baltimore – Washington, DC. We help in the design of an overall technology plan, provide full support and management of all your technology solutions and help guide you in the right direction.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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