Which one is the best Keyboard Case for iPad?


December 10, 2012

Baltimore IT services

The iPad has become a craze among tech savvy people and those that have one can’t seem to live a single day without it. Although this mini device includes all the great features that one can expect from a tablet, there are some people who want more from it. Usually these people are not satisfied with the standard accessories that come in the iPad box straight from the factory and they won’t even hesitate to spend a few extra dollars to make the most out of their iPad. Among all those accessories or add-ons, a keyboard case is the prominent one among the consumers which can turn this nifty little tablet into a full performing netbook.

People who do more than surfing the net, listening to music and playing Angry Birds always need a keyboard. With a keyboard, they can write faster and increase their productivity to a great extent. You will find there are different kinds of keyboard cases in the market with different features and prices. However not all of them will suit your needs so it is a must for everyone to carefully evaluate all the available options in the market before they order a keyboard case.

ClamCase, Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, Belkin Keyboard Folio, Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio, Zagg Zaggfolio, Belkin YourType Folio + Keyboard, Crux Crux360 are only a few of the iPad keyboard cases that are easily available in most stores. Their price ranges from 80 to 250 dollars depending on their quality, features and make. There are many options based on your needs and budget.

When you are looking for an iPad keyboard case, you should figure out what you require from it in the first place. If you travel a lot, you should look for cases made with strength being a factor. Above that, some of the cases come with their own power source such as a solar panel which gives you extended battery life while you are staying in a remote place. However this is a little expensive for those who won’t get the most out of it. The keyboard layout is also important. If you do not feel comfortable with the keyboard, you won’t be able to enjoy the case anymore. You should consider your needs and how much money you want to spend before you buy your new iPad a keyboard case.

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