7 Signs Your Denver Business Needs a Tech Update


July 12, 2023

Regardless of size or industry, technology is an essential part of every Denver business. That being said, technological improvements and advancements can develop quite quickly, leaving some businesses scrambling to keep up. While many businesses cite expenses in the form of time and money as reasons for abstaining from updating tech, failing to keep up with the technological curve can significantly hamper a company. Outdated software and hardware can harm an enterprise’s productivity, performance, reputation, and customer relationships. 

Signs Your Business Needs a Tech Update 

Many businesses in the Denver area implement large swaths of technology and use them for years without regard for updates. Although occasional breaks and downtimes are to be expected, there often comes a point when a major tech update is needed to meet customer and technological demands. Some tech updates are required to meet increasing company growth, while others may be necessary to increase productivity or protect against fresh cyber security threats. When trying to determine if a tech update is needed, look for these six common signs that may indicate your business’ technology is falling behind. 

Rapid company growth 

For virtually all Denver businesses, rapid growth is assuredly one of the best signs customers are pleased with your product. Although this growth is a welcome sign, it can put stress on your technology and network if not properly accounted for. An increase in customers demands more efficient systems and employees to meet their needs. Your business may need advanced technologies to help you store information securely, automate processes, improve communication, and efficiently manage data, employees, sales, and cash. 

Increased downtime

Whether it is the result of a power outage or network connectivity failure, downtime can severely inhibit your business’ success and employees’ productivity. Downtime can result from poor internet connectivity, cyber crime, or software, hardware, server, storage, and system failures. If your Denver business is experiencing significant downtime as a result of any of the reasons mentioned above, it may be time for a tech update. A Denver IT expert can examine your software, hardware, and systems to identify potential issues and explain possible solutions. Furthermore, they can offer alternative, temporary solutions to keep your business productive while new software is implemented. With widespread cloud use and an increased popularity of remote work, maintaining a strong connection is more critical than ever. Integris’ network connectivity services give your business and employees access to high-speed internet signals no matter the location. To learn more about how our network connectivity services can fit into your tech update, contact our team today

Changing consumer behavior 

Technology is a major factor in influencing the change in consumer behavior. Today, more potential buyers perform product research on the internet before purchasing a product or engaging with a service. This recent change in consumer behavior has forced many Denver businesses to update their technology to accommodate order-tracking software, an extensive e-commerce presence, and digital payment processing systems. With so many options available to consumers, Denver businesses need to be able to meet their customers where they are without being hampered by lagging tech. 

Cybersecurity needs

If you’ve recently seen an influx of cybersecurity breaches, it may be time for a significant tech update. Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to steal, destroy, or gain access to data, and loopholes in old technology are a primary target. Therefore, your company is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks if you don’t upgrade your IT infrastructure. Your old technology may not be compatible with advanced antivirus software and other security programs and tools. Upgrading your tech will enable you to implement the latest cybersecurity practices and features to better protect your data. With improved data security, your business will better be able to attract opportunities and retain customers. Moreover, you’ll ensure the smooth flow of business in your company and avoid unnecessary revenue losses.

Companies of all sizes and industries are at an increased risk of cybersecurity threats in today’s business environment. Here at Integris we offer advanced cybersecurity solutions, including endpoint protection and internet security to safeguard your company’s assets. Contact our Denver team today to stay abreast of changes in the field of cyber crime and keep your organization’s technological structure intact. 

Low productivity 

Old technology can drastically increase download speeds and network access times, severely inhibiting the productivity of your staff. If you’ve noticed a recent upswing in broken devices, or employees who cannot access your network, it may be time for a significant tech update. Upgrading to newer, more efficient technology can help prevent the above consequences. In addition to implementing new software, it can also be helpful to conduct a staff survey to identify which technologies and systems need to be replaced. A regular inspection by an IT consultant is the best way to determine which tech needs to be upgraded before it significantly impacts your business. The IT professionals here at Integris can also help you identify additional technologies that can help boost productivity in your company. 

Changes in remote work 

In the past few years, many companies across the Denver area have embraced remote and hybrid work. While this form of work offers employees flexibility, it can require significant overhauls in company technology. Upgrading your technology to facilitate remote work can require implementing cloud and video conferencing services, time tracking tools, and project management programs. Such a drastic change can be difficult to accommodate into your current architecture, and may be best performed with the help of a Denver managed service provider. 

Your hardware is jammed or breaking

Jammed or screeching employee hard-drives are a strong sign your Denver business needs a significant tech update. If your hardware breaks at a critical point, you will have no choice but to shell out thousands for a quick replacement. By approaching upgrades systematically, however, you can reduce the risks of unforeseen setbacks or emergencies. Generally speaking, if your company is running on hardware that is more than 4-5 years old, it is probably time for an update. Certain hardware such as disk drives, CRT monitors, and mobile devices will give noticeable signs that they are aging and need updates. Input surfaces such as mouses and keyboards will also need to be considered for repair, as faulty controls can significantly inhibit employee comfort and productivity. 

Update your tech through Integris today 

Overhauling your Denver business’ technology can be a tall task without the right plan and consultant. Our team here at Integris has the skills and expertise necessary to plan and execute a significant technological overhaul without compromising productivity and workflow. With expertise in multiple industries, our Denver IT consultants will provide a comprehensive tech update that meets your immediate needs while aligning with your future goals. Schedule a 10-minute consultation with our Denver tech update consultants today to get started.

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