Accounting Firms Trust Domain Technology Partners


November 12, 2018

Accountants have little room for error. Tax returns, financial statements, payroll and the like require 100 percent accuracy. Compliance dictates the need for audits for some companies which are critical to financing and credit. Your IT partner must understand the nuances and requirements of the accounting industry as well as the vital calendar dates that require compression of work to meet deadlines.

Integris has been successful in serving accountants and CPAs. They understand the strict requirements and deadlines accountants face as well as the seasonality of the work cycle. Accounting firms need a team that is there for them in the heat of tax season which requires support significantly outside traditional business hours as well the ability to do updates and upgrades in slower times to keep the firm productive.

Accounting firms’ clients expect professionalism and accuracy and accountants should expect the same from their IT partner.

Time and Experience

Integris learned all these things through 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. It is crucial for us to listen to what our clients are saying and then respond with proven solutions that will increase productivity and improve workflow.

Recently, we went out to speak with a potential client in the accounting industry. After talking with them for a while, we determined their most significant pain points. We have extensive experience working with their tax software. We realized that most of their problems would be solved by moving away from a remote desktop environment. This alleviated much of their frustration. We didn’t stop there.

We then upgraded their data storage to a redundant solid-state system so that we could push as much performance as possible for the software. Also, we reconfigured all of the workstations for the new environment.

The power in their building was prone to brown-outs, so we recommended workstation class uninterruptible power supplies for all of the workstations. This has worked out beautifully for them.

We then scheduled all tax system updates at midnight so as not to impede their productivity. Once again, being aware of scheduling of technology maintenance around the seasonal demands is critical to the relationship.

Security Awareness Training Is Key

We introduced employee security awareness training that is monitored by friendly phishing campaigns. Their employees seemed to benefit from security training.

We’ve found over the years that most people have heard of malware and phishing, but they haven’t been properly trained in how to spot them and avoid being a victim. It usually doesn’t take much to make employees aware of what to look for. A culture that promotes security training and awareness is your best line of defense at stopping malware and Ransomware attacks.

Finding the Right IT Partner For Your Accounting Firm

Integris provides IT services has a proven methodology for measuring and enhancing your employee’s productivity. We have experience in the software that today’s accountants use. We can proactively provide key business results, and we’ll ensure you have a properly designed network that is cost-effective, secure, scalable and stays up and running.

Cost-Effective Managed Services That Are Scalable

With accounting firms, the IT effort must coordinate with the work seasons. That makes it essential to have managed IT services that are scalable. At Integris we can provide customized managed IT services that allow you to get exactly what you need throughout seasons of work effort and deadlines. Our service team is built to understand the business.

Software Support

Accounting firms use some different software applications to conduct business. It’s important that your software is kept up-to-date. Patches and updates can be time-consuming and inconvenient. We take care of it so you can remain focused on cranking out the work. Our team is experienced in most software applications that accountants use including:

  • BNA Income Tax Planner
  • SuperForm Tax Forms
  • Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Tools
  • QuickBooks
  • GoFileRoom
  • Lacerte
  • Drake Financial Software
  • Sage Accounting
  • ProSystems fx: Tax, Document, Engagement, Practice Management
  • Property Tax Software Packages

Data Security

Keeping your clients’ confidential data safe is paramount to the relationship. There’s zero-tolerance for risk. Though cloud computing, data management systems, and client portals can improve the way you do business, they also need to be secure. CPAs and accountants must observe some standards, statutes, and regulations that govern record retention. We’ll help you take advantage of today’s advanced technology while making sure you’re data remains safe and secure.


For years, Integris has provided a broad range of technology solutions to accountants and CPAs in the Baltimore and Washington marketplace area. If you’d like to learn more about working with us, we’d love to speak with you.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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