The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing for Accounting Firms


September 6, 2017

Cloud Computing CPA FirmsRunning an Accounting Firm? Concerned about the advantage and disadvantages of cloud computing?

Cloud computing has many advantages that you should consider for your CPA firm. It increases security, productivity, and offers a value that you can pass on to your clients. Cloud computing has greatly enhanced how CPA firms in the Baltimore, Washington, DC And Across Maryland do business today.  And Integris has helped them migrate to the cloud cost effectively and efficiently.  We handle any necessary system upgrades, and ensure your firm’s uptime, scalability, maintenance, and security needs.

With cloud computing your overhead costs will be reduced.  You can use software programs stored on the cloud so there’s no large up-front investments or the need to purchase or install software on your computers.  For a firm of 100 employees, over a span of four years, cloud computing typically reduces their software costs by 50%.

What are the cloud computing advantage and disadvantages?

And with cloud computing you don’t need to worry about network switches, operating systems, and servers. Without the need for system administration, upgrades and maintenance, these costs are no longer a concern.  You won’t need to pay for internal staff to monitor hardware or software. The cloud handles it all via the Internet. It provides improved IT flexibility and far greater cash flow that you can redistribute for more important business needs.

Security simply isn’t a concern; files are encrypted and are accessible only to those you specify. Plus for those who can access these files, they’ll enjoy greater flexibility and productivity; they’ll be able to work securely and access software and files from anywhere, a home office, when traveling, any place where they have an Internet connection and a computer device; they can even use mobile devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets.  Cloud computing is especially helpful for firms whose employees travel frequently.

A huge advantage of cloud computing is that you won’t need to worry about costly IT downtimes. Integris commits to 99.5% uptime with complete data security. Cloud services also allow for continual backups and disaster recovery, so your critical data and functions are protected 24/7/365 under any circumstance.

Cloud computing provides flexibility of scale, allowing you to scale up or down; add users, applications or storage if you obtain a large contract, or cut back if your business slows down.   You can also run ecommerce, CRM, or ERP applications globally or on a local scale, in less time that it would take to prepare software and servers on-site.

However, as with anything, there are a few disadvantages to consider.  These include restrictions in certain applications, operating systems, and infrastructure options. You may need to add on accounting software that isn’t available in the cloud.  Plus, if your data is stored in countries where laws require it, other entities may have to review, audit, and peruse data for reasons of operating efficiency and security.  Some government regulations allow opening a firm’s data in the cloud if they suspect bribery or threats (of course, you won’t need to worry about this!).

Integris Can Help You Understand The Advantages Of Cloud Computing.

Integris can help you make your move to the cloud, explaining everything along the way. We’ll get you up and running without a big investment in hardware or software. All you need are your computers and Internet access to get going—And a call to Integris of course!

Call us today at to learn more about how cloud computing can benefit your Baltimore, Washington, DC And Across Maryland CPA firm with increased security, productivity and value. Call (888) 330-8808 or email us at [email protected].

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