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October 28, 2012

IT is a critical component of any sized company, but when you’re a smaller company, many times you have little to no IT resources. However, you still need your network, servers and computers available and running at peak performance. But hiring internal IT staff can be very expensive and you may have outgrown the typical break/fix computer repair company. You need an IT partner with the expertise and skills needed for today’s common business technologies.

Integris can be your complete IT solution! For a fraction of the cost of hiring internal staff, you get access to the collective knowledge of our entire team. We can provide you IT support that was once only available for much larger companies. And we tailor the right solution for you and your budget.

  • Integris is more cost effective than hiring an internal IT resource. IT staff are expensive, demanding high paying salaries and benefits. It’s estimated that you save anywhere from 25-50% when outsourcing your IT vs. hiring even one mid-level IT professional
  • Bringing in Integris gives you access to specialized talent that you could never have with one or two internal staff.
  • Integris has clients in almost every vertical from non-profits to healthcare to professional services and many more. We bring knowledge and experience that is directly relevant to your industry.
  • Get access to vendor discounts on the PCs and software you need by going with Integris. Through economies of scale, we are able to offer premium services and offers to our technology partners and distributors.

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