Can Your Baltimore IT Support Company Say, “We Care About Your eCare” and Really Mean It?


September 25, 2017

Ask yourself how many IT companies can analyze your computer-network infrastructure, create sound business intelligence and technology solutions therefrom, and manage the whole thing with an eye towards being a long-term partner in your overall business prosperity. Then, ask yourself as a business owner concerned with ridding yourself of nagging worries over things like compliance, security, and workplace productivity, “Am I really getting the kind of Baltimore IT support I could be getting?”

Well, there’s a reason you found this article. It’s because you can get better computer support.

That’s why we’re here.

Our approach to IT services in Baltimore includes knowing, for instance, when to employ proactive technology management, and when to emphasize reactive support services.

Because managed IT services – being an exemplary managed service provider – is not a predictable, black-and-white business.

It’s full of gray areas, along with the full-color spectrum of contingencies that must be able to be addressed by the most educated technical support minds.

That’s why we developed our Client Onboarding and eCare Optimization Program.

It allows us to, among other things, provide centralized IT services, ongoing technology consulting, and provide our valued clients with a dedicated network administrator as a well-oiled vehicle to speedily deliver our best practices and standards IT model.

Altogether, this collective approach to promoting top-tier Baltimore IT support brings our customers:

  • Peerless IT security and compliance management
  • Anti-spyware, patch, and spam management
  • Desktop standardization
  • Design desk resources
  • Intelligent budget planning
  • Business impact technology evaluations and decisions
  • Prioritized problem isolation and resolution
  • A remote support framework as well as on-site support
  • A user-friendly customer portal, and much more.

A Multi-Tiered Approach to Baltimore IT Support Services

Unlike some Baltimore IT companies, our dedicated IT system management examines your entire technology “tomography” across the board and spectrum with a sharp analytical eye (actually, multiple sets of well-practiced eyes) to:

1) Permanently reverse the trend of break-fix computer support

2) Pull your IT ship out of shallow or cyber-perilous waters, and

3) Increase your office-wide productivity through our eCare optimization.

That’s a simplified way of putting across just what it is our technology analysts and engineers do when taking on the task of your total IT optimization.

Ask yourself:

Is your current technology partner truly proactive and reactive where and when they need to be?

Or, does it seem like you’re getting more of the same old break-fix style of IT support in Baltimore?

In our book, there’s always room for improvement, and you can never be too safe and secure, IT-wise.

Disaster Avoidance, Compliance Assurance, and Secure Networking

It’s not just about getting your IT systems functioning on a Grade A, “Integris” level. And, it’s not about rolling out new technology and calling it a day. Those are merely elements of where the quest to deliver complete optimization begins.

Because IT service is such a complex, multi-tiered animal these days, we have to look at numerous areas (like disaster recovery and business continuity readiness, for one) which themselves have to be broken-down, analyzed, and understood – so that more viable strategies for a streamlined, productive, and profitable outcome can be facilitated, under long-term high-performance standards.

Read enough, and ready to get started? Then, call one of our helpful IT consultants in Baltimore today at (800) 431-2282 or email us and we can get started right away. Also, download our free PDF, “The Anatomy of eCare,” for further info on what we can do for you!

For Maryland business owners, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty surrounding their IT networking. Much of this collective anxiety regarding the performance of their network systems is understandable – after all, the cost of a server failure or data center downtime can be catastrophic.

However, hope can prevail where fear and anxiety had taken hold when we take over your IT support services in Baltimore.

How is this so?

Quite simply, we offer a timely and potent array of integrated security monitoring tools and IT solutions that are unbeaten in the Baltimore MD area.

As a leading IT service provider, our ongoing proactive solutions and strategic planning prevent viruses and intruders from entering your system. And, since threats are always evolving, we’re always evolving as well, using sophisticated antivirus and antimalware solutions to prevent the latest and most dangerous cyber threats.

Also, our agile firewall protection blocks intrusions without compromising your system performance. We know as soon as issues come up, and they are dealt with immediately to prevent downtime from ever disrupting your workflow or ability to do business.

Likewise, our computer support services provide the dynamic triumvirate of content filtering, anti-spam, and 24/7 Help Desk Services that continuously keeps you safe from menacing online threats.

For us, as well as many of our clients, wireless network security is crucial, and as such, we keep your mobile devices safe and stop guest users, insiders, or outside infiltrators from accessing your sensitive proprietary or client data.

As a reliable and consistent method for delivering our Baltimore IT support services to you, our IT consulting services model gives you all the computer support and network security consulting required to optimize your entire IT infrastructure.

In fact, we align these services to be completely scalable and custom-fit to your exact requirements, too, so you don’t end up with any more or less service than you truly need.

More Intelligent, Dynamic IT Support in Baltimore Awaits You

Never settle for less than what you require, or deserve.

Integris is a proven leader among IT support companies in Baltimore MD and surrounding communities. Call one of our helpful IT consultants today at (800) 431-2282 or email us and we will get you closer to receiving the only IT support Baltimore businesses can truly trust to deliver total optimization!

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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