The Benefits of Managed IT Services


November 4, 2021

A study conducted by the IDC showed an average 88% reduction in unplanned downtime and 24% savings on IT infrastructure when working with an MSP. It sounds great in theory, but getting the full benefits of managed IT services requires careful planning.

Managed services providers (MSP) can help your business address all of its IT needs. You can get access to a team of certified experts to help:

  • Plan a long-term technology strategy,
  • Maintain your infrastructure, and
  • Resolve technical issues.

An MSP can also reduce the risks of a data breach and keep you compliant with industry security standards.

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The Importance of Managed IT Services?

Whether you’re looking to expand your technology or just reduce costs working with MSP opens up a world of opportunities. The benefits of managed IT services can positively impact every aspect of your company, all for a relatively small initial investment. So let’s take a closer look at how MSPs can help.

1. Reduce Your IT Budget

An MSP is a cost-effective alternative to hiring in-house IT staff and can help you unearth IT cost savings organization-wide. MSPs have the time and resources to find right-sized hardware and software and ensure it works together seamlessly. You can also take advantage of an MSP’s existing data centers so that you can save money on hardware and energy costs.

2. Lower Risk of Investment

Working with an MSP gets you expert help to plan an IT investment strategy with medium-to-long-term goals in mind. There’s a low cost of entry with measurable service level objectives to ensure you get what you’re paying for. It also means you won’t waste money on the wrong technology or be stuck with a solution that’s a bad fit for your business.

3. Consistent, Reliable Billing

Partnering with an MSP can help you keep your monthly budget predictable. Most MSPs use pricing models to create a fixed monthly cost, regardless of how much you need them each day. Unpredictable expenses such as hardware issues, maintenance, and repairs are already accounted for in your budget so that you can keep the surprises to a minimum.

4. Keep Your Data Secure

Businesses that store sensitive client information need secure storage solutions to prevent a data breach. MSPs can offer secure hosting, 24/7 monitoring, routine backups, and disaster recovery plans. In addition, they provide proactive solutions, such as employee training, and can help you plan a response to minimize the impact of a breach.

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5. Optimize Business Processes

MSPs can help you find the best software solutions to streamline your workflow and reduce downtime for your systems.  With a  cloud-based service, you can ensure fast, secure access to your data, wherever your employees happen to be. The increase in efficiency allows you to grow operations quicker without having to hire extra help.

6. Shift Your Focus to Core Business Capabilities

It’s not uncommon for a small business to rely on its IT team for tech support. But, unfortunately, this often gets in the way of their ability to work on anything else. Outsourced IT services let your internal IT team stay focused on innovating cutting-edge processes that improve the value you offer for your clients.

7. Rapid Resolution For Technical Issues

Importance of Managed IT Services

Downtime can cost your company between $300,000-400,000 per hour. An MSP can respond to technical issues within moments using remote access. That’s a far cry from what happens typically: employees lose valuable hours as the in-house IT team struggles to manage requests. Some MSPs offer a guaranteed response time and uptime guarantee as part of the service agreement.

8. Ready to Grow With You

MSPs can support you as your business grows, all while sparing you the headache of hiring and training more IT specialists. Their IT support services make connecting more devices simple, and pay-as-you-go plans make it easy to scale up when your business is ready or even streamline IT operations during consolidation.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Managed IT Services

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