Business Move In Austin: Carpet and Furniture


June 25, 2015


Carpet installation is notorious for pushing forward a move date, so you should move fast in selecting and ordering the carpet. Picking out the carpet color and texture can be an overwhelming task, but your representative should be able to help you narrow down your options. There are many different types of fabrics, many of which are a “fast ship” option.

However, make sure you are fully aware of an exact date of delivery. Fast ship does not mean overnight and can take many days to actually arrive. Furthermore, Austin is booming and subsequently, contracting service companies are overwhelmed. Communicate often and allow some extra time between the install date and the next phase of your project.

When planning your furniture purchase, obtain a floor plan (preferably in a CAD file) for the new space, either from your real estate broker or the owners of the building. I do not recommend solely relying on the file, so schedule a time with your furniture representative to go to the new space and confirm the measurements.

Everyone in the company is affected by the furniture and layout. Keep in mind that employees spend a significant portion of their lives at their workstation, so the subject can be sensitive. Set up a meeting with the appropriate leaders in your company to brainstorm and collect ideas to avoid making decisions in a vacuum.

Communicate your ideas to the furniture representative, even if you just hastily sketch a layout with pen and paper. Using your CAD file, the sales rep will be able to configure a floor plan to scale to see if it will work. If you want to play around with more options, there are free software resources, such as Sketchup, where mockup floor plans can be easily created. The furniture rep can also help with the aesthetic appearance of the furniture and may make suggestions, such as the style and color of desks, fabric panels and file drawers.

A business may take the opportunity to purchase task chairs for the new office. Depending on the role, employees spend many hours a day sitting in a chair at their desk. I recommend that you visit the furniture company to sit in and test out chairs before making your final decision. Make sure they are comfortable and are easily adjustable. I also recommend bringing one or two other employees along to get a second opinion.

Once the floor plan is finalized and the furniture is selected, schedule an installation date. Confirm that the carpet (or any construction) is still on track to be completed on time, and stay in touch with the furniture representative and contractors. The next phase in your move planning is to make decisions regarding your IT infrastructure, so keep a look out for the next blog in the series.

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