Business Move In Austin: Critical Tasks After You Have Found The Office


June 23, 2015

After you have decided where your new office will be, it is time to start planning. Make a list of all of the things you will need to arrange for the move. Here are some of the major categories we had to consider:

  1. Carpet
  2. IT infrastructure
  3. Break room Supplies
  4. Paint
  5. Movers
  6. Janitorial Services
  7. Furniture
  8. Security System
  9. Maintenance
  10. Cabling
  11. Office Supplies
  12. Organization

The number one thing that will impact the planning of almost every aspect of a business move is the estimated move date. Often there are circumstances like a lease agreement that dictates a date by which you absolutely must be moved. Early planning will help to make sure each task can be completed in time to meet the final deadline. If possible, begin with an install date that is aggressive. Planning for a move date that is 2-3 weeks prior to the final deadline will allow some flexibility so that those inevitable last-minute surprises don’t turn your move into a crisis.

Identify Critical Tasks

Identify the tasks that are critical and that will directly impact meeting a move deadline and begin with those first. Examples include the installation of the carpet, painting, furniture, cabling and movers.

Find Vendors

Identify the vendors for each service. Utilize business contacts, such as your real estate broker, to get referrals. Online searches are helpful because they provide ratings and reviews to give you an idea of their past performance.

Reach Out to Vendors

Contact each vendor and discuss your circumstances and needs to make sure they can accommodate you by your estimated move date. Set up an in-person meeting, if needed. If time allows, you can obtain quotes from multiple vendors, but keep in mind that the cheapest vendor may not always be the best one. Ask good questions, and make sure they can be flexible if the date gets moved around. Once you have selected your favorite, get on their calendar and ask for confirmation.

Now that you have established a move date, created your tasks lists and identified your critical vendors, you are ready to begin getting into the details.  Look out for the next blogs in the series that will give your helpful tips for furniture and infrastructure planning, as well as preparing for a successful move day.


Sheridan-SteedSheridan Steed, Controller

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