MyITpros Celebrates 20 Years in Business


November 21, 2013

There are many factors that contribute to creating a thriving business, including management, employees, affiliates, and a quality product or service. But of those factors, we believe the success of MyITpros wouldn’t be possible without the exceptional people that staff our company.

That’s why each year, MyITpros hosts a special anniversary excursion to honor our team and celebrate another year in business. These events serve as a way to get out of the office and involve employees’ family members in another aspect of their loved ones lives.

Anniversary_Cruise2This year, in honor of our 20th year in business, the MyITpros team and their families enjoyed a sunset cruise as we ate dinner and sailed down the waterways of Town Lake. Around sunset, we watched the bats emerge from the bridge at Congress Avenue. For many, this was the first time they had witnessed the bats take flight for the night.

We appreciate our staff and their commitment to excellent service. Whether over-the-phone or on-site, our personable team brings technical skills, efficiency and expertise to the table with reliable consistency.

It is through our united effort that our rank has steadily risen in Austin Business Journal’s “Austin’s Top 25 Networking Integration Firms List.” Five years ago, we were listed at number 19, and after climbing in rank annually, this year we have made it to number eight, an excellent birthday present for our 20th year serving Austin.

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Lori-Mankin1 Lori Mankin, Marketing Coordinator

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