Cloud-Based Solutions For Small to Midsized Businesses


May 28, 2015

If you believe your business will benefit from the cloud, your next step is to consider what aspects of your IT infrastructure can be moved there. Keep in mind that the cloud is not an all-or-nothing proposition. You can always move some of what you do to the cloud, and keep your more resource-intensive applications on-site. The following are cloud services that are typically available to any small or midsize business.

Hosted Backup

Hosted backup shifts the burden of maintaining and troubleshooting data backup systems from your company to a cloud service provider. Your cloud services provider remotely stores images of all your data so that it’s backed up and available for you to recover in the event of a data loss. This is a cloud service that makes sense for almost any small or midsize business, even one which doesn’t use cloud-based servers. The only exception would be a business with such massive amounts of data that hosted backup would be cost-prohibitive – but that is rarely if ever the case with small or midsize businesses.

Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP moves the hardware and PBX for your company’s voice communications over IP network away from where you actually use the VoIP

Hosted Email

Hosted email provides all the functionality of an email server such as Microsoft Exchange without the cost and complexity of an on-premise email system. It ensures that your employees can access email from any location – while you have one less server to worry about maintaining.

Comprehensive Hosted-Server Solutions

1. A remote-desktop hosted-server solution allows your company’s employees to connect to your systems in the cloud and access everything they need to work from any location.
2. Companies that don’t have their own private cloud can use a cloud services provider’s solution for access to all their systems and data. For example, MyITpros’ Cloud7 solution provides secure, reliable cloud-based access to all of your systems and data for a monthly fee.


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