Think You Know Cybersecurity? Show What You Know!


October 9, 2020

Think you’ve got what it takes to pass a tricky little cybersecurity quiz? Let’s find out.

Ten Tricky Cybersecurity Quiz Questions. Ready? Let’s Go!

Answers are below, and no cheating!

1. What percentage of malware infections originate with email attacks?

A. 53%

B. 77%

C. 94%

D. 100%

2. What was the average cost of a data breach in 2019?

A. Nearly $1.3 billion

B. Just over $1 million

C. Nearly $4 million

D. Just over $700K

3. What percentage of breaches could have been stopped with an updated security patch between 2019 and 2020?

A. 60%

B. 55%

C. 85%

D. 20%

4. What is the average cost of phishing attacks per minute?

A. $5,050

B. $10,000

C. $1130

D. $17,700

5. What percentage of customers will stop using a business after a data breach?

A. 20%

B. 64%

C. 81%

D. 93%

6. What percentage of cyberattacks target small to medium-sized businesses?

A. 17%

B. 43% 

C. 22%

D. 10%

7.  Following a data breach, what percentage of businesses will close permanently?

A. 27%

B. 56%

C. 66%

D. 73%

8.  How long on average did it take businesses to realize they had been breached in 2019?

A. Less than twelve hours

B. Two to three weeks

C. One to three months

D. Seven months or more 

9. In 2020, the average cost of downtime due to ransomware was:

A. $10K

B. $178K

C. $193K

D. $283K

10.  According to a report released by the AV-Test Institute, how many forms of malware are uncovered daily?

A. 54 thousand

B. 18 thousand

C. 152 thousand

D. 350 thousand

Answers below:

1.      C. 94%
2.      C. Nearly $4 million
3.      A. 60%
4.      D. $17,700
5.      C. 81%
6.      B. 43%  
7.      C. 66%
8.      D. Seven months or more 
9.      D. $283K  
10.  D. 350 thousand

Thank You for Taking the Cybersecurity Quiz! Now For Your Prize!

While this little cybersecurity quiz was just for fun, these statistics really are frightening.

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