Cybersecurity best practices for Boston Businesses


July 12, 2023

Securing your businesses sensitive data, networks, and devices is non-negotiable in the technologically-driven world we live in. Whether you are a small business or or corporation in Boston, it is imperative that you prioritize cybersecurity. It is no longer enough to just rely on two-factor authentication and frequently changing your passwords. Businesses are more vulnerable than ever to malware, viruses, and cyber attacks, especially as cloud workloads are higher than ever with the increase of employees working remotely. 

Security is such a high priority in the U.S. that the White House released a National Cybersecurity Strategy, which involves “reimagining cybersecurity to better ensure a safe and secure digital ecosystem for all Americans.” We have listed out the five pillars of the security strategy in this article to encourage businesses to create more resilient infrastructures, increase their chances for success, and improve software to reduce security risks. 

This national concern is proof that proactive security measures for your Boston business must be taken seriously. 

Importance of Cybersecurity in Boston 

The Boston Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has recently engaged in a cybersecurity awareness campaign. According to the FBI,

As the home of many Fortune 500 companies, defense contractors, startups, colleges and universities, many of which have renowned research and development facilities, New England is a target-rich environment for cyberattacks. The FBI is inviting organizations of all sizes to partner with it before a cyber incident occurs.” 

As Boston is a hub for big business and collegiate institutions, cybersecurity must be on every company’s radar. Some of the most common attacks targeting businesses in Boston include ransomware, critical infrastructure attacks, supply chain attacks, and the breach to private networks. If your business does experience a breach, you are potentially at risk of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars due to downtime. In addition, data recovery efforts, paying ransom costs, staffing customer service, and handling repairs only adds insult to injury. 

There are a handful of best security practices and guidelines to ensure that your business is always one step ahead of cyber attackers. And don’t forget to implement a disaster recovery plan if a breach does occur. 

Cybersecurity Best Practices in Boston 

An empowered staff can make all the different. To best prepare your staff with the tools and awareness needed to prevent breaches, consider investing in employee training. These services are designed to educate a company’s teams at every level to increase security. You never know when malware is being attempted to take over your network. A few security practices your employees should be familiar with include, multi-factor authentication, email filtering, endpoint protection, and proper device management. Empower them with knowledge so that your entire organization is mindful and ready for potential threats. 

Another excellent cybersecurity practice for your Boston business is to implement a strategy if a data breach does occur. You can save money and time by having a plan of action. According to Juniper Research,

“33 billion accounts will be breached in 2023. And half of the breached records will be from US citizens.”

A Hiscox survey of 4,103 professionals revealed another troubling statistic: “70% of small businesses are completely unprepared for an attack.” An incident response service includes scanning for vulnerabilities, having a backup and disaster recovery system, and doing penetration testing to mitigate risks. Cyber hygiene includes staying up-to-date and compliant with industry standards. Your system should also be current to prevent attackers from exploiting and invading your infrastrucutre due to outdated operating systems and browsers. 

Firewalls and anti-viruses will help you defend your company’s and customer’s information. There are many service providers that offer this but not all are reputable so ensure that they have a positive reputation and the most current tools and technology to support your security needs. Backing up data is something everyone should do, but especially if you are a business whose financial success depends on your digital assets and personal information. Having multiple cloud-based and on-site applications is a great option to secure your information in more than one secure location.

The role of cybersecurity providers is to implement these best practices and protect your Boston business from security threats. 

Why Your Business Needs a Managed Security Services Provider 

Maintaining a safe infrastructure for your Boston business can be costly and resource-intensive. This is why it is best to bring in a third-party to meet your organization’s security needs. A Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) provides essential security services, including proactive strategic approaches to best equip you for potential breaches. There are many benefits to bringing in an MSSP. 

The peace of mind you will have knowing your information is being monitored around-the-clock by experts is worth every penny. In addition, these providers can help you create scalable solutions that align with your compliance requirements and risk tolerance. Customizable solutions mean that businesses of all sizes and all budgets can utilize security monitoring. Services are scaled to your needs and help you troubleshoot to keep operations and systems safe, secure, and optimized for efficiency. 

Future Trends to Impact Cybersecurity on Boston Businesses

The advancement of technology in relation to cybersecurity reveals that both the cyber attackers and the institution being attacked have access to similar tools.  In order for your Boston business to stay ahead of the attackers, you must implement both technology and human-driven systems to protect your sensitive data. According to the Boston Globe,

“The good news is the same tools criminals use to strengthen attacks can be deployed to improve defenses. Research is underway in Boston to explore new ways to use AI to automate security decisions, discover anomalies, and identify cyber breaches quickly.” 

Using AI can also help detect anomalies in network traffic that are indicative of malicious activity and can prevent breaches from happening. The other most significant impact in prevention and detection malware also includes learning-based security systems that can help neutralize a threat or attacker once they are detected on the network. 

These positive advances in technology can support your Boston businesses cybersecurity tactics and should also be paired with education and training for your staff. The more they know, the more likely they are to take action around potential threats and reduce your risks for a breach. 

Now That You Know 

As we have discussed here, there are a few instrumental ways you can prepare your business for even the most pervasive cyber attacks. And when selecting a cybersecurity provider in Boston, make sure they are industry compliant, upholding current standards, and providing customizable services catered directly to your growing business.

Enlist Integris’ Cybersecurity Managed Services for your Boston Business 

Integris offers managed cybersecurity services implemented by our specialists uniquely for your business, whether big or small. Cybersecurity is our expertise and we ensure that your infrastructure adheres to a series of basic practices, like DNS filtering, endpoint protection, and anti-malware. 

To take your security measures one step further to protect your Boston businesses, we provide extended services, including mobile device management, network policies, and security awareness training. The latter is designed to equip your staff with the proper tools to identify suspicious activity with the potential to prevent any cybersecurity incidents as they arise. Learn more about Integris’ cybersecurity services: 

Internet Security & Content Filtering

Multi Factor Authentication

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Network Antivirus & Anti Malware

Security Awareness Training

By following the guidelines outlined in this article, businesses can make informed decisions and select a provider that can help them build and maintain a strong cybersecurity posture, keeping their sensitive data and critical systems safe from cyber attacks.

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We know that protecting your secure data is a priority for your business to succeed and stay ahead of the competition. With Integris’ managed cybersecurity services and customizable solutions for your Boston business, you can trust that your company and customer’s data is safeguarded using cutting-edge technology, efficient systems, and industry-leading customer service to set you up for success. 

Check out our online resources regarding cybersecurity, or schedule a free consultation today.

Susan Gosselin is a Senior Content Writer for Integris. A career communicator and business journalist, she's written extensively on IT topics and trends for IT service providers like Iconic IT and ProCoders Ukraine, as well as business publications such as,, The Lane Report and many others. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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