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Managed IT services for financial institutions

We build safe & scalable IT systems, just for community banks and credit unions.

What more could your IT do for your financial institution?

It’s an important question, and one that often doesn’t get asked in the daily rush of IT management. But if you’re looking to have an IT infrastructure that can power the future of your financial institution, you need an IT vendor that can be your collaborative partner.

At Integris, we know how to ask the hard questions, so you can run safer, offer an optimal user experience, and meet all your compliance burdens with ease. We’ll help you think strategically about your technology platforms, so you’re ready for whatever comes. Whether you need a la carte services, or fully managed IT, we know how to put your technology infrastructure to work for you.

Financial IT services are what we do best

In 2022, Integris merged with CalTech, a Managed Service Provider nearly 200 employees strong that only works with community banks and credit unions.

This gives Integris an unprecedented opportunity to serve this sector. Now, we can combine the deep expertise the CalTech team brings to the table with the local market reach of our Integris offices.

With offices in 11 states, our engineers can provide local, on-site service, from networking, to maintenance, to emergency break/fix operations. We offer 24/7 system monitoring, local user help desk services, and a local dedicated vCIO—all with the demands of banks and credit unions in mind.

We offer banking-specific expertise most local MSPs can’t match. And that has real benefits for your operations and your customers.

Deep expertise and real results for financial institutions

CalTech’s reputation in the world of financial institution IT is well known, and we’ve brought those relationships into our operations at Integris. Together, we’ve partnered with state banking associations, served dozens of community banks and emerged as a thought leader in the industry. The learning curve is shorter for us, because we know what it takes to help community banks succeed.

We know how to put that knowledge to work for you. Work with us, and you’ll get strategic direction from our staff, access to the best software/hardware for the banking industry, and round-the-clock service from highly certified, US-based tech teams.

Our service promise for community banks and credit unions


Plan for your network needs now, and in the future. We’ll keep you on track with system design, cybersecurity product selection, budgeting, and more.


Get access to our mid-to senior level experts in community banking on demand for project management, and reporting.


Your tools are continuously monitored and patched, and our user help desk is staffed with US-based experts 24 hours a day.

Your IT infrastructure, refined

At Integris, we understand how important security and operational maturity is for financial institutions. We offer all the services you’ll need to achieve both, whether you purchase them as part of a total service package, or one by one. Come to Integris for:


  • Round-the-clock help desk and service ticketing
  • Network design and installation
  • Onsite server-room maintenance
  • Banking-specific cybersecurity tools
  • Encrypted cloud management and remote work tools
  • Fully encrypted, data-safe channels for your customer portals
  • Hardware/software management and inventory
  • Cabling and phone systems
  • Cloud backup & disaster recovery
  • Regulation-compliant cybersecurity stack
  • Prep for regulatory and board reviews
  • Staff cybersecurity training
  • System monitoring, logging, and patching
  • Cybersecurity reporting and compliance
  • Penetration Testing

System design and segmentation that keeps you safe

From your copiers to your portals, to your transaction systems and employee emails, we understand how to keep your information safe as it travels through your systems. More specifically, we understand the importance of keeping your information safe in their respective silos. We can help you build firewalls around the data in your systems, complete with the proper encryption, permissions and levels of least access that are unique to community banking. We’ll help you design a network that keeps your systems safe, while creating the best possible experience for your users.

The latest in bank-safe cloud productivity

Cloud productivity tools can be a game changer for companies—and a security risk, too. But our cloud-based tools are designed to stand up to the regulatory rigors of community banking and credit unions. We’ll recommend tools that can help speed the safe transfer of information around your organization and make working from anywhere a cybersafe possibility. Let us show you how.

Private cloud servers

System backup and recovery services that don’t miss a beat

When the worst happens, we can help you be prepared. Our cloud backup and recovery systems are designed with banks and credit unions in mind. In the event of an outage, natural disaster, or breach, we can have you up and running again in minutes.

Community bank cybersecurity that stands up to your challenges

Multiple agencies on the state, federal and local levels regulate the way cybersecurity is handled for financial institutions. Integris is purpose built to help you manage all of them, including your regular FFIEC CAT exams. We understand the data handling regulations set forth by FDIC and the safeguards required by the FTC, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, as a start.

Our community banking experts know bank IT compliance on the strategic and tactical level, so you can offload those tasks to us with confidence. We can help you choose the defensive tools that are appropriate for your organization’s size and information load. We ensure they’re running as intended, every day, and monitoring their dashboards and reports.

But know this—meeting your regulatory burden is merely the price of admission for working in the community banking space. It’s not enough simply to meet the lowest bar. When you work with us, our goal is to see that you meet and far exceed regulatory expectations.

vCISOs, at your service

For an additional fee, our national network of vCISOs (virtual Chief Information Officers) can provide an elite level of cybersecurity planning and monitoring. They’ll help you develop the KPIs you need to deliver to your board—and your regulators. They look for the patterns of incoming threats, so you can stay one step ahead. They’ll help you plan your cybersecurity for today’s threats, and tomorrow’s. With this level of enhanced service, you’ll always have written near, mid and long-range strategic plans for your security infrastructure, and CISSP-certified security experts on speed dial.

Regulation ready cybersecurity tools

3rd-Party Patch Management

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Quarterly End-User Security Awareness

Training Active-Threat Notifications

Incident Response Support

Monthly End-User Phishing and Social Engineering Testing

Annual Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise Support for the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

(FFIEC CAT) Cybersecurity Compliance Reports

Email Spoof Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and patching—always

Every tool you buy from Integris is monitored around the clock. There’s no waiting around to handle this month’s patch alerts. Patch notifications are handled hourly, so you’re never far behind. More important, you’ll always have a pair of expert eyes on your system dashboards. We see the alerts and incident reports and get on top of them before they turn into problems. With Integris, you can rest easy that the flurry of daily IT maintenance is being handled—and handled well.

Patching and Monitoring Domain Computer Services
Managed IT Morris County NJ: How IT Helps Businesses

IT Policy and reporting that minds the details

At Integris, we believe for every process, there’s a written policy. For every process, there’s data-driven reporting.

We can help you craft compliance-ready IT policies around your data handling, emergency response, usage policies, authentication, and so much more. Let us handle your policy development and repositories, so you don’t have to.

When the time comes to draft reports for regulators, staff, or even your monthly IT/cybersecurity meetings, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. All your tools will work together to produce a cohesive picture of your productivity and cybersecurity performance.

Local service, backed by a national network

We understand—access is a top concern when it comes to working with an outside IT vendor. That’s why we offer our clients the best of both worlds: a national network of industry-specific IT management experts, backed by highly trained and certified IT engineers in your local markets. If you need our onsite help, we can be there in minutes. If you have a help desk request at any hour of day or night, we’ll get a ticket started for you. Our service experts can get the job done, fast.

Managed IT Morris County NJ: How IT Helps Businesses

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