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April 10, 2020

In our effort to keep you informed, I wanted to update you on how Integris is responding to this unprecedented global pandemic.  Since March 16th we have seen double the number of support requests.  Many have been related to helping users set up to work remotely.  We estimate that we are now supporting over 11,000 users who are now able to work remotely and who continue to reach out to our support desks.  Our team has worked tirelessly and broken all our past records in the pursuit of one goal…  keeping you working.  We are here to support you through this, now, and into the future.  

Internally at Integris, 80% of our workforce is now working remotely, leveraging our fully cloud-based infrastructure and phone systems to help you solve your IT challenges.  While staying socially distant our teams are also geographically separated across the US in 6 locations.  For the safety of our employees and yours, we are limiting onsite visits to only urgent needs.  We want to thank you for your understanding of this policy.    

Given the business challenges that we all face, Iconic continues to build and refine contingency plans, policies and staying close to the vendors that we all rely on to support and protect our computer networks. 

Recently we worked to make our Iconic Fortify Security Offering available for those of you that have not yet installed it.  Adding a new level of endpoint protection, and the advantages of a human based SOC, we’re leading the pack when it comes to MSP security.  This critical layer of cybersecurity is essential to mitigating cyber-threats facing us, especially now that so many of our clients are relying on a mobile workforce.  If you’re interested you can read more about Iconic Fortify here:

We are quoting and sourcing equipment for you and we continue to work through and solve issues with vendors, for example: 

  • Exceptionally high demand and, in some cases, longer than normal lead times from manufacturers of PCs, Notebooks, and Chromebooks. 
  • Production capacity issues in parts of the global supply chain, impacting supplies of certain components. 
  • Limited freight deliveries by air. 

 Along with keeping very busy with every-day technical support services, we continue to engage our teams with daily Zoom huddles and webcams. We are keeping our work-culture thriving with push-up contests and home office picture-sharing.  We have been using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Zoom, Azure and Amazon Web Services to enable this extraordinary level of communication.   

I am sure you’re getting contacted by your attorneys, CPAs, Chamber, and even strangers with current regulations, laws, and offers of help.  Rather than bombard you with emails, we’ve set up multiple ways to share information with you at your convenience.  Please consider visiting our websiteFacebookLinkedIn and Twitter sites for the latest information.   We have some remote productivity ideas posted and other reference material that may help your business.   

I will, however, reach out to you via email with critical communications as conditions warrant.   Thanks for putting your trust in Integris.  Stay well, and please let me know how we can be of service. 

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